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Business Zone FAQs

Find useful FAQS to help you make the most of Business Zone, the quicker, simpler way to manage your services online with BT Wholesale.

  • Business Zone is our online service that makes it quicker, simpler and easier to do business with us. Some of the exciting features we've introduced include:

    • Keep in control: Get a quick summary of all your orders, faults and product inventory, in one
       convenient snapshot view.
    • Smart search: Find what you’re looking for faster – just start typing to see instant search
    • Fast track: Fast forward from login straight into orders or faults directly, avoiding multiple steps.
    • All in one place: Access online billing, manage your orders and get help with faults, with near-real
       time status updates.

    For help with using the features see our Business Zone User guide.

  • If you’re an eCo Plus user and your company has a registered Company Administrator, you should now have access to Business Zone.

    If you don’t have access, please contact our System Support Helpdesk (SSHD) via our Contact Us page or email us at

  • If you're an eCo Plus user but can't get access, please contact our System Support Helpdesk (SSHD) via our Contact Us page or email us at

  • To log in to Business Zone, use your existing username and password. You don't need to create a new account.

  • Please contact your Company Administrator who can amend your level of access. You can find your Company Administrator details here.

  • The data is updated from BT Wholesale Source systems every few minutes.

  • Yes, you can download the Business Zone User guide here.

  • Yes, orders and faults placed through Business Zone will be passed to the downstream systems for fulfilment.

  • Yes, Business Zone will show all of your orders or faults currently in progress. You can also search for historic orders.

  • Yes, once you have logged in you'll be able to see a consolidated view of your inventory, along with your orders and faults.

  • The following products are currently available via Business Zone:

    • Fibre Voice Access
    • Wholesale Broadband Connect
    • Ethernet - Co-ordinated Service Handover
    • E-LAN Component
    • Ethernet Bundle
    • Ethernet Component
    • MSIL
    • Hosted Contact Centre
    • IPVS Number Management
    • Wholesale Calls
    • Wholesale Hosted Centrex
    • Wholesale SIP Trunking
    • WBC FTTC
  • Yes, please see the Business Zone User Guide for details on all the filter options and instructions on how to set these up.

  • During a weekend release, you may experience distorted data due to browser cache issues. Some of these issues may prevent you from ordering or tracking faults/orders and you may come across inaccurate information.

    To find out how to resolve these issues, download our easy guide on how to clear your cache.

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