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Remove old equipment and keep data protected

In our industry, it’s no surprise that we go through a lot of equipment. But what happens to it? All those old phones, printers, devices and other IT equipment that is past its best? Let’s not forget the network equipment too, such as networks and data centres. It’s not just a case of throwing them away, they need to be disposed of in the correct manner. It’s essential that you comply with GDPR regulations, otherwise you run the risk of a huge fine, prosecution and damage to your reputation. With Managed Decommissioning we can make sure that doesn’t happen.


We’ll take the project from your hands, recycle, refurbish, reuse or dispose of your old assets, all while maintaining a cleaner, greener image for your brand. And with our insightful sustainability reports available for each service, you’ll see exactly how much you’re saving both your business and the environment.


Let’s not forget the financial benefits. With assets depreciating over time, you’re losing money on their value and on the cost of storage. It’s in your best interest to remove them as soon as possible so you can see the best return.

Doing the work for you

Let us know what needs to be taken away and our project managers will come and do a complete decommissioning job for you. We’ll begin with performing a full audit of all assets that need to be decommissioned, or you can fill in a template which helps us generate a quote. Speaking of money, we offer cashback for all recycled or reused assets so you’ll get a percentage of what you throw away. Just let our project managers do the work and you can reap the rewards. And cash rewards are always a nice thing.

Out with the old

Our recovery and decommissioning service is a doddle. We can either collect all assets if they’re disconnected and packaged, or we’ll come and do it all for you and manage the whole process. Just let us know.

Destroying data

All data from your assets will be sanitised, with a data destruction certificate per asset given to you. Don’t worry, we’ll collate them all into one pack so you don’t have to store them separately.

Reduce costs by recycling

We’ll recycle as much as we can from your assets and let you know the percentage of recycled, reused or disposed items. And you’ll be able to demonstrate how you’re an eco-friendly business. 

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