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The UK’s premier network at your fingertips

If you're a messaging aggregator reselling SMS, MMS or RCS, a direct connection to the 

EE Messaging Gateway offers you the fastest and highest quality route into our EE Network.

 And don't forget, we also support all MVNO's utilising the EE Network giving you access to, 

in addition to EE, the likes of BT Mobile and Plusnet.


Our Tier 1 aggregator partners, who have a direct connection into our network, typically send at least a million A2P messages per month on the EE mobile network.

For Tier 2 aggregators, who typically deliver fewer than a million A2P messages per month on the EE mobile network, direct access isn't usually granted for the reselling of SMS, MMS or RCS. However, please contact us and we'd be happy to provide a list of our current Tier 1 partners, through whom you can connect to our network.

Our channels

For partners sending messages at scale, get the fastest and highest quality route into the EE network across all our channels. Turn numbers into customers with SMS, MMS and RCS Business Messaging.


SMS replaces emails that never get opened, read or clicked. With 98% of all SMS texts being opened and read, our application to person (A2P) SMS service enables users to deliver campaigns all the time, every time.


We can offer you a dedicated, secure and scalable SMPP connection for delivering A2P SMS into the EE mobile network, with full delivery receipt visibility. Our service offers end users a two-way messaging capability, enabling them to interact with their customers more effectively. It also provides high levels of throughput for large scale campaigns.


MMS is a standard way to send messages that include rich, multimedia content to a mobile phone. Our upgraded throughput will give peace of mind that any increased demand can be handled seamlessly. MMS can be used as a fallback solution to RCS, enabling users to reach a broader range of handsets: either legacy Android devices or iOS devices.


Our extremely competitive pricing means that delivering rich content via MMS into the EE network is an efficient way of engaging with end users.  

RCS Business Messaging

RCS is the next generation of mobile messaging. RCS Business Messaging enables brands and consumers to connect and communicate via richer, more relevant and actionable messages. With Google’s RCS platform, we can now offer access to this service on the EE network.


RCS Business Messaging helps businesses to create interactive experiences without customers needing to download a dedicated app. Businesses can either launch new two-way customer experiences, or upgrade existing SMS campaigns to RCS and its richer capabilities. 

Key features of RCS Business Messaging

An enriched customer experience. Businesses can engage with end users by providing a fully branded experience, including rich media, carousels and prompted replies. Companies can also advertise their RCS experiences so their customers can discover them directly. 

Increased interaction. RCS can be configured to meet individual brand preferences. Replies and actions are built in, making it easier for consumers to interact with messages. This provides rich customer insight and increased conversion rates. Read receipts also enable businesses to measure the success of their campaigns more effectively.  

Enhanced customer service. RCS can enable a ChatBot customer service for e-tickets, promotional QR codes, live tracking of deliveries and mobile payments.

Benefits for Tier 1 partners

Man at server

Man at server

Man at server

 Enjoy dedicated account management and access to support teams.

Benefit from the support of our award-winning security and operational teams in combating the fraud and spam attacks that could impact the business and brands you serve.

Be at the forefront of industry initiatives such as the

  UK SMS Sender ID Protection Registry

Become a partner

For further information on both a Tier 1 Wholesale Partner connecting directly to the EE Mobile Network and a Tier 2 partner connecting indirectly, get in touch with

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