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Data connectivity

Our wholesale data connectivity services allow customers to enjoy high performance, high availability next-generation solutions.

Our connectivity services

We have a variety of modern and future-proof access technologies within our data connectivity portfolio.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP):

This delivers a full-fibre connection to your customer’s site with a range of bandwidth options available. It can be used to connect to our Wholesale Broadband and Wholesale Ethernet platforms.

Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA):

This is an all-IP ready alternative to older Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) access, without the need for a PSTN line. It uses a combination of fibre and copper, but with simpler ordering and delivery. SoGEA can be used to connect to our Wholesale Broadband and Wholesale Ethernet platforms.

Dedicated fibre:

Ethernet access supporting very high bandwidth and high availability connectivity, backed by our market-leading Ethernet platform and network.

Additional access technologies:

Additional access options are available for a wide and flexible choice of connectivity into our Ethernet network, including Data Centre Access, Exchange Connect and radio services.

Our networking services

Our networking portfolio consists of Ethernet, Direct Internet Access and optical services, available in a wide range of speeds and service options.

Layer 1 and 2 optical connectivity:

High performance, low latency nationwide connectivity across our dedicated optical network, available up to 100Gbps - with 400Gbps planned for early 2024. A range of access technologies are available, and because it’s delivered across a dedicated route through the network, we can design solutions to meet your customer’s needs. Learn more on our Optical page.

Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity:

Nationwide data connectivity directly from a customer’s premises back to your core network, letting you offer the access plus your own value-add services. Includes point-to-point and point-to-multi-point configuration options, available in speeds of up to 100Gbps and via a range of different access technologies. Learn more on our Ethernet page.

Layer 3 connectivity:

An alternative to layer 2 Ethernet, offering a layer 3 internet connection over the top of an Ethernet circuit. It uses our internet backbone so you can offload capacity and traffic to us. You’ll have access to the UK’s best network and peering platform, along with a range of circuit and bandwidth options within our Direct Internet Access (DIA) portfolio.


We offer a range of diversely routed and resilient (RA02) access options across our networking portfolios of Ethernet, DIA and optical, giving you peace of mind and excellent availability.

Mobile Backhaul Services:

Our portfolio offers a range of managed solutions supporting 4G & 5G mobile network operators, including high capacity connectivity including optical and service features including layer 2 and 3 ethernet services plus highly resilient network based synchronisation. For mobile network operators, learn more on our Mobile Backhaul page

Our products and services

Help your customers to share data between locations more effectively. Our high-performance connectivity services let you offer game-changing solutions, creating new selling opportunities for you while enabling your customers to explore next-generation technology.

Wholesale Broadband

Find the right solution for your customers with next-generation technologies and reliability. 

Our broadband portfolio access options:

Wholesale networking

Networking solutions including Ethernet and optical services. Meet growing demands and deliver high quality, high bandwidth and high availability connectivity to your customers.

Our networking portfolio access options:

Additional services

Outside of our broadband and networking portfolios, we offer a range of services, including professional services, maintenance and installation support.

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