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Help your customers to share data between locations more effectively. Our high-performance connectivity services enable you to offer game-changing solutions. These will open up new selling opportunities for you while enabling your customers to explore next-generation technology.

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Learn how we can help you deliver fast, high-quality broadband services and offer you more control and flexibility.



Provides a fully managed broadband service integrating both 20C and 21C platforms. 


Our next generation broadband service offering ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC and FTTP connectivity options.


A robust and dependable broadband service where Wholesale Broadband Connect is not available. 

High-quality broadband services combined with excellent service, superb reliability and competitive pricing.

Delivers broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps using FTTC & up to 330Mbps using FTTP technologies. 


SoGEA It’s simpler, quicker and cheaper with just one order for broadband and ethernet.


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With the greatest range of access options in the UK, our Ethernet solutions can help you deliver high-quality connectivity to your customers, whatever their size. 

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Discover the ideal solution to meet your growing traffic demands. Expand your network infrastructure with high-performance optical fibre connectivity.

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Find out how you can connect your network to ours with our cost-effective MSIL solution and improve your broadband offering.


Find out how you can connect two or more sites reliably and securely at low cost.

Discover a cost-effective way to extend your network reach and target new markets.

A reliable, secure connectivity solution, complemented by a range of business continuity products and high-quality support.

Offer customers a secure, reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity solution that can be configured with a target availability of 99.995%.

Give your customers the uncontended bandwidth they need with Wholesale Internet Connect, built on the UK’s market-leading internet service. 

Streamline your network into one manageable, affordable resource and enjoy great connectivity, nationwide.

Find out about our flexible, low-cost solution to help mobile phone operators extend their network reach.

Offer your subscribers high-quality TV via broadband, packaged with your other voice and data services – and with no major set-up costs.

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