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We're the network the UK relies on.

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To deliver excellent service to your customers, while you grow your market share and increase your revenue.

An unrivalled network

We invest £2bn in our network every year to make sure we're the biggest in the UK, bringing connectivity to places other providers can't reach.

Flexible service and support

Our scalable solutions mean you can offer your customers the choice and flexibility they need, whenever they need it.

Faster revenue generation

We've simplified access to our network and improved installation and lead times, so your customers get great service, and you get revenue faster.

Industry-leading innovation

We've been innovating since 1846, and we're continuing to pioneer game-changing technology today.

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Unrivalled network

  • Reliable: We’re the only UK network to offer 99.999% availability. And with engineering to ensure it never goes over 50% utilisation, you and your customers will have total peace of mind.
  • Secure: We build the highest levels of security into every connection, and deliver end-to-end security with all our network solutions.
  • Vital: The UK’s 999 service trusts our network to support their critical infrastructure. This service never goes offline, with every call located to within three metres.

Unbeatable support

  • Best-in-class solutions: Our cutting-edge APIs and pricing tools make working with us easier and simpler than ever.
  • Experts on hand: We’ve got over 1,700 specialists dedicated to delivering the best solutions for you and your customers.
  • Help when you need it: From in-depth technical documentation to online guides and much more, our support resources are here for you 24/7.

Innovating together

Faster revenue generation

  • You’re in control: Self-serve online with our specially developed portals and APIs, making it even easier to do business with us.
  • Market-leading SLAs: With quicker lead times than ever before, we’re able to deliver datacentre connectivity in just three working days.
  • Grow faster: Get the support and resources you need to learn more, sell more and open up new revenue streams.

Industry-leading innovation

  • Working together: We’re helping customers navigate the move to
    all-IP and capitalise on the opportunities this brings.
  • Leading the way: We invest more in research and development than any other UK tech company, including £12 billion in our network to get to 20 million FTTP premises.
  • Moving forward: Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We’re constantly evolving our products and services to meet changing customer demands.

How we’re helping our customers succeed

Team discusses project plans


BT Wholesale is proud to support winning customers, such as Exchange Communications

Our strong relationship with Exchange Communications helped them to win a new contract.

Woman steps out of her office to catch up on mobile phone messages


BT Wholesale has deep expertise in helping its customers and their clients to prepare for, and embrace, innovations in how we communicate, work and connect

Spoke Interactive were the first to use our Wholesale SIP trunking (WSIPT) product, as they moved from their legacy technology to IP.

Man sat in office collaborates with colleague on mobile phone


BT Wholesale has provided thousands of customers with tools, technology and training to offer cloud services and solutions

We worked with Rainbow Communications to move to the cloud and get their business ready for the future.


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