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Become a
BT Wholesale customer

We’ve got the support, innovation and resources to help you sell more.

High-quality and reliable services

With BT Wholesale, you can offer your customers high-quality and reliable services, all backed up by our expertise, scale of support and constant innovation. 

An unrivalled network

We invest £2bn in our network each year, bringing connectivity to places other providers can't reach.

Faster revenue generation

We've simplified access to our network and improved installation and lead times, so your customers get great service, and you get revenue faster.


Unbeatable support

We’ve got over 1,700 specialists dedicated to delivering the best solutions for you and your customers.

Solutions to issues

From the right fibre connectivity to cloud communications, we have solutions for a multitude of customer issues.



Offer your customers a choice of high-quality data connectivity options to allow them to exchange information and data seamlessly.



Boost your value proposition and offer great savings with our array of voice services, including Wholesale Calls and IP Exchange.


Hosted communications

Our solutions are hosted in the core BT network with 99.999% availability, meaning your customers won’t suffer downtime.


Managed services

We’ve got the people, the experience, and the technologies to keep you ahead in the marketplace.



We use the UK’s fastest and biggest mobile network, providing greater 4G services.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We’re constantly evolving our products and services to meet changing customer demands.

Why BT Wholesale

By combining our wealth of expertise, industry experts and market knowledge, we're focused on bringing you the very best materials to help you succeed.

Track record of innovation

We’ve been providing high-quality telecoms services since 1846 and continue to excel in the market.

The ultimate reach

We’re the only UK network to offer 99.999% availability. The 999 service trusts our network to support their critical infrastructure.

Bespoke solutions

Irrespective of the type and size of customer, there's a product solution to suit. No other UK wholesale telecoms provider offers you more choice or flexibility.

What we’ll need from you

To become a BT Wholesale customer, we’ll need you to fill in a new account form and  provide the following information:

  • Your contact details (name, email address, phone number) 


  • Your business information (company registration number, VAT number, Reseller Identification Code) 


  • Your business needs (the products and services you’re interested in) 


  • Your agreement to move your BT account to BT Wholesale (and for your account to be managed solely by BT Wholesale) 


  • Your acceptance of our non-disclosure agreement (NDA)