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Using BT Wholesale search

BT Wholesale site search is designed to help you find the web page, document or briefing you're looking for on our site. We'll show you how to find BT Wholesale search and explain how to use the advanced features, including filters, sort by options and favourites.

  • Watch our video guide to learn all about BT Wholesale search.

    Learn all about filters, favourites and sending feedback

    To see a full list of search results on our Search Results page select the search button or press enter. Here, you'll find a full list of search results, and:

    • Filter options these help you drill down to the document you're looking for (see below for more details)
    • Sort by options - these let you change the type of results which are displayed (see below for more details)
    • Highlighted search - search highlights your search in yellow on the search results page and any pages you visit from search to help find the content you're looking for
  • We'll explain the different 'sort by' options available.

    Sort by options

    The search results page lets you change the way your results are ordered and reduce the number of results returned.

    You have three options to choose from:

    • Default - This option displays results most relevant to your search, weighted by title, followed by description and then content.
    • Date - This orders all documents relevant to any one of your search words by the most recently updated date. If you see too many results, try removing common words. Or, our 'Search by date' filter in the left menu may also help - remember to reset the 'sort by' option to Default first.
    • Exact match - Use this option if you know the exact title or an exact phrase that appears on one of our pages or documents - if you preferred the way our search results worked before January 2017, you might like to use this option.
  • We'll show you where to search using a customer reference or directory number.

    If you're trying to search for an order, fault or escalation, Business Zone search is the tool for you.

    You'll find this in My BT Wholesale on the Overview page of Business Zone.

    Simply enter the order, fault, escalation or customer or service reference number. You can also search using your customer's directory (telephone) number.

    If you don't have access to Business Zone, your company administrator will be able to offer more help. If you're not sure who this is, you'll find your company administrator here.

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