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Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Take control of your network

You’ve got your own network but you want greater control over the internet access your customers have. We can help with that. With Direct Internet Access you’ll have everything you need to manage access, all while future-proofing your portfolio for the move to all-IP.

Now’s the time to go direct

With Digital Britain looming and businesses looking to make the move to all-IP, you need to be able to provide solutions to meet the needs of your customers. And if you want to do it while maintaining control over your customers’ internet access, then it’s time to make sure you have a network strategy that delivers.

A hybrid network that utilises both public and peering network services. One that prepares for the future of cloud-based services and aids in the building of SD-WAN and hybrid networks. We call it Direct Internet Access.

A hybrid network

That utilises both public and peering network services. One that prepares for the future of cloud-based services and aids in the building of SD-WAN and hybrid networks.

Hybrid networks are set to become the standard

In order to get the most out of them, you need to peer across other network services. We’ve got the peering infrastructure in place so you don’t have to. Instead, you can just connect in to our network while still maintaining control over the internet access you give your customers. But you’ll be able to ensure they benefit from the market’s most reliable connectivity, with flexible bandwidth and fast speeds.

Not all peering is the same

Direct Internet Access is a direct connection across the internet. Through the use of our best-in-class peering, your customers can connect and exchange traffic directly with our extensive list of peering partners, such as Microsoft, AWS and Salesforce.

Drive better network efficiencies across your own network

As demand for network traffic increases, you can get the most from your own network investment by using Direct Internet Access to route traffic over the internet into our network, maximising your own network capacity.

If you want to learn more with the help of network diagrams, then check out our datasheet.

The building block of SD-WAN

As we move to an all-IP world, SD-WAN will play a pivotal role. It’s a hybrid network that uses internet and private networking to route traffic.

Instead of your customers buying bandwidth to meet demand, they can route the less important traffic via the most cost-effective internet solution, keeping high quality Ethernet open for business-critical data.

So how do you access the internet and start this hybrid network? With Direct Internet Access, of course. It’s just one of our many solutions that help you futureproof your portfolio. 

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What's in it for you?


Our great Ethernet service

Which means our network reliability of 99.999% availability. Our nationwide coverage. Our SLAs and SLGs. And easy ordering via our single portal of internet and dedicated Etherflows, making life easier for you.


It's easy

It’s on the Ethernet Pricing Tool, so you can quickly get your quotes out to customers. And as it’s fully managed with flexible bandwidth, you’ll have no trouble selling it to your customers, meaning you’ll be able to start earning revenue faster than before.


Greater control

You’ll basically be in control of your own internet. So you decide on how much your customers can access in order to meet their demands, all while enjoying better management of total cost of ownership (TCO) flexibility.


Keep your customers happy

While different customers have different needs, DIA isn’t just a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In fact with the flexibility offered, you can give your customers exactly what they need, backed by our ultra-reliable network.


Prepare for the future

As we move towards an all-IP world with the PSTN switch off not too far away, you might have noticed the increase in bandwidth demands from your customers. This is just set to grow. But by adding the right solutions to your portfolio, you can meet these demands head on and help prepare your customers for their own digital transformation, now and in the future.


Backed by us

That includes our 24/7 support, lightning fast, uncontended speeds and 100% availability SLA. We have double and triple resilience in our core network, giving you guaranteed reliability. And we invest £3.7bn in our network each year so you can rely on it to take you into the future.

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