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Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Faster, smarter connectivity.

Looking for even better speeds, greater reliability and higher performance levels than broadband can offer? The solution is DIA - our dedicated, leased line internet access service. It will connect your customers to our BT network and internet platform, with speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Our leased line internet portfolio

Layer 2 Ethernet

Our layer 2 Ethernet services enable you to expand your own network, with access speeds of up to 100Gbps available.

DIA portfolio

This is an alternative to layer 2 Ethernet and provides a layer 3 internet connection over the top of an Ethernet circuit. It uses BT’s backbone and you can offload capacity to us. You’ll have access to the UK’s best network and a range of circuit and bandwidth options.

Wholesale Internet Connect

For a fully managed leased line internet solution or more specific requirements, contact us about possible solutions that use our Wholesale Internet Connect service.

Creating hybrid networks

Our Wholesale Ethernet services are built as components for simple ordering, delivery and migration. You can select the physical access circuits (Etherway fibre) and the associated traffic and connectivity (Etherflow). DIA offers an Etherflow internet connection but it’s easy to switch between layer 2 Ethernet and layer 3 DIA, without needing to replace or re-install the underlying access circuit.


You can run different Etherflow types over the same Etherway access (subject to capacity) to provide different hybrid connections. You can create robust and resilient hybrid networks, combining layer 2 and 3 connections, and separating their delivery to your customer sites - offering true resilience and diversity.

Fast, reliable and flexible

With DIA, the port speeds are scalable and you can flex your chosen speed up and down to meet changing needs.

  • Simple pricing and ordering via our intuitive online portals and API interfaces.
  • 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet circuit sizes.
  • Symmetrical matching upload and download speeds.
  • Up to 1Gbps download available using Ethernet over FTTP access, with a range of asymmetrical and symmetrical speed options.
  • Dedicated and uncontended bandwidth.
  • Target service availability of 99.977% (single circuit delivery), rising to 99.9996% for the most resilient and diverse services.
  • 24/7 support with five-hour target fix time (seven-hour for Ethernet over FTTP access).
  • Resilience options include diverse routing and network level separation. Diverse delivery between layer 2 and 3 Ethernet services is also available via our dual-diverse access options.

Powerful peering

DIA is a direct connection across the internet. With our best-in-class network peering, you can count on fast and reliable traffic.


  • European Tier 1 provider.

  • Excellent connectivity with US Tier 1 networks.

  • 70% of the internet is usually one ‘hop’ or less from our network.

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Your pathway to cloud apps

We have direct and private peering to many cloud providers in our network, so the traffic doesn’t go over the public internet. This helps ensure reliable, consistent and low latency cloud app performance.


Our direct peering relationships include Amazon, Limelight, Google, Akamai, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Century Link.

All-IP and the move to IP Voice

With the forthcoming switch-off for traditional PSTN and ISDN voice services, more businesses are moving to SIP and cloud voice services and will need fast, reliable and scalable internet access.

DIA offers you

  • Dedicated and guaranteed speeds for consistent performance 24/7

  • Matching upload and download speeds to cope with high call volumes alongside your data traffic

  • Low latency network with a UK core network latency target of <10ms*

  • Performance targets including maximum jitter target of <3ms and packet loss of <0.01%*.

* The target performance stats for packet loss, latency and jitter are targets and non-contractual.

The building blocks for SD-WAN

SD-WAN will play a pivotal role in the new, all-IP world. It’s a hybrid network that uses internet and private networking to route traffic. Instead of your customers buying bandwidth to meet demand, they can route less important traffic via the most cost-effective internet solution, keeping high quality Ethernet open for business-critical data.


DIA is the key to accessing the internet and starting this hybrid network.


Take a look at our related products & services to explore our other options.

Benefits for you & your customers


The UK’s best network

We invest millions in our network, with built-in double and triple resilience in our core helping to deliver our network availability of 99.999%.


Industry-leading provision times

94% of Ethernet orders are delivered within 38 working days, with almost half (45%) within 26 working days*.


It’s easy

We provide a simple pricing tool and API's for you to use, with a single order journey and provision. You can also flex and scale your bandwidth quickly and easily, within the capacity of your access circuit.


Greater control

You’ll basically be in control of your own internet. You can decide how much your customers can access to meet their demands, whilst enjoying better management of total cost of ownership (TCO) flexibility.


Prepared for the future

With the move towards the PSTN and ISDN switch off and an all-IP world, you’ll face increasing bandwidth demands from customers. With the right solutions, you can meet their demands and prepare them for digital transformation, now and in the future.


Keep your customers happy

Different customers have different needs but DIA isn’t just a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Its flexibility enables you to meet all your customers’ needs, backed by our ultra-reliable network.

* Based on Ethernet orders during 2022, excluding customer delays.

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