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Make the right connections

If you're running your own TDM switch, you can connect your voice network with ours and enable your customers to call anyone, anywhere, all with our fully managed solution.

Powerful, global connectivity

Interconnect is essential if you’re operating your own TDM switch. It connects you to our highly resilient and flexible network, giving you UK coverage and connectivity to all other public switched voice networks across the globe.


Interconnect provides access for termination of geographic, mobile and non-geographic call services. It also provides connectivity for delivery of calls which originate on our network.

Benefits for you & your customers

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A low-cost approach and outstanding value

There’s no need to invest in new infrastructure and we'll help you to minimise set-up and running costs. Your customers (and you) can take advantage of BT interconnect and transit call charges. 

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Wide coverage and reassuringly reliable

Interconnect delivers a superb user experience across the UK and beyond. Our voice network has proven resilience combined with excellent levels of support.

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Versatile and customisable

We can tailor our solution to meet your specific connectivity needs (e.g. connecting a few points for better resilience or up to 600 for maximum value).   

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A flexible solution

Select a basic framework for building your own service or we can deliver an end-to-end solution. Options include:

Customer Sited Interconnect (CSI) – A fully managed service. 
In Span Interconnect (ISI) – A lower cost alternative to CSI. 
Interconnect Extension Circuit (IEC) – Extend the reach of your ISI interconnect.

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