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The low-cost, easy way of installing Ethernet circuits

A reliable and flexible access solution that provides a single bundled order. When you get Wholesale Ethernet services from us and choose to add on Managed Install, we deliver the leased line circuits, as well as sourcing, testing and installing the customer premises equipment (CPE).

And it’s even more affordable now, with the normal install price of £310.42* being reduced to just £175*.

Easy ordering

Ordering Managed Install is part of the existing Wholesale Ethernet journey – and you can order access, CPE and install at the same time. We’ll coordinate the CPE and installation and install any backup devices. Afterwards, an onsite engineer will enable you to run the end-to-end test before the handover.

We’re here for you

It doesn’t just end with the installation of access circuits. Our engineers will make sure your customers have everything they need to get up and running. That includes installing the assigned CPE, reconfigured to a standard boot configuration. And you’ll have a dedicated team to provide you with ongoing maintenance support.

Benefits for you & your customers

In a classic thought pose, this man’s brushing up on Managed Install benefits

Benefits for you

  • Your customers have been asking for an installation solution that would reduce their costs and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can respond to that demand.
  • Faster CPE installation leads to earlier billing and a better cash flow.
  • And with our special offer, we can install our solution for just £175*.
  • You don’t have to juggle multiple suppliers and invoicing – keeping it with us will help align billing and reduce complexity. We also only bill once the CPE has been installed, to further help reduce cashflow exposure and improve circuit profitability.
  • Ordering is easy – a single, integrated order journey for access, CPE and install.
  • An end-to-end test on the service can be carried out after installation.
  • Only one dedicated team that will manage your end-to-end order so you can focus on your business.
Two colleagues discussing the benefits of Managed Install

Benefits for your customers

  • Competitive pricing and lower costs.
  • Quick and easy service with a fast-end-to-end service with fibre EAD and copper EFM supported.
  • Greater customer satisfaction due to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Quicker installation of CPE enables a faster customer handover.
  • It’s convenient too as CPE and installation are prepared and coordinated by our agents.
  • Environmentally friendly as CO2 emissions are lower due to there being just one single supplier, one visit and one truck where possible.

* All prices exclude VAT.

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