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Simplify with Single order Generic Ethernet Access

Including SoGEA for Broadband and Ethernet over SoGEA.

It’s easier, quicker and cheaper with SoGEA

Remember having to order a separate PSTN line as part of your Superfast Broadband or Ethernet orders? Well, now you don’t have to, because we’ve made it easier, cheaper and more efficient to provide these services.

Say hello to Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA). It’s a replacement for Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) orders, with the same speeds and almost exactly the same coverage, but now it’s all-IP ready.

In a single order, you can get your customers up and running. And because you no longer need a PSTN line, you save money too.

Which SoGEA is right for you?

SoGEA for Broadband

Perhaps you need superfast fibre broadband service.

If you’re looking to future-proof your broadband portfolio, be all-IP ready, and enjoy simple ordering and quicker installations, then SoGEA for Broadband is for you.

Quicker installs, faster revenue

As there’s only one line, you’ll be able to deliver your services quicker and cheaper, getting your customers up and running faster so you can start billing sooner.

We’ve got you covered

As well as some of the fastest broadband speeds, we have amazing coverage too, reaching around 95% of the UK. We’re also rolling out full-fibre broadband with even better speeds and performance.

Helping you prepare for all-IP

You can say goodbye to the PSTN line early with SoGEA for Broadband, and we’ll make sure the transition to all-IP is as seamless as possible.

Be better than the rest

Our broadband network performs better than the industry average on latency, packet loss and jitter. And we can give you industry-leading maximum, average, peak-time and minimum fibre speeds.

Ethernet over SoGEA

Are you looking for a lower-bandwidth layer 2 Ethernet service that’s simpler, faster and more cost-effective?

Then this could be your best choice. It gives you the familiarity of our Superfast GEA products, all from a single order.

Superfast GEA, an alternative to Etherway Fibre

Where lower speed and pricing are required, or where normal Etherway Fibre (EAD) installation is difficult or expensive, we have Superfast GEA. Using a range of alternative pre-provisioned access options, we can offer lower prices, as well as quicker and simpler delivery. Build your Ethernet solutions using SoGEA access.

A choice of access options

Our Superfast GEA portfolio consists of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and now SoGEA variants. Availability depends on coverage, but SoGEA shares almost the same coverage as FTTC, which is no longer available for new orders. You get the same service as FTTC, including asymmetric bandwidth options, but without the need for a separate PSTN line.

A network you can rely on

Superfast GEA services including Ethernet over SoGEA still connect to our 21CN Ethernet platform, separate to the Wholesale Broadband Connect platform used for broadband services. You get the same network performance and 99.999% availability target as with normal Etherway Fibre services. See our interactive coverage map for more information about our network.

Great Ethernet at great prices

Ethernet over SoGEA is more than 30% cheaper than our previous Ethernet over FTTC access. With only one order to manage and one line to pay for, you can deliver connectivity faster, improving customer experience and generating revenue quicker.

Make the move to IP voice now

With the closure of PSTN coming soon in 2025, it’s time to make the move to IP voice. SoGEA is just one of our many access services that can help you to give your customers high-quality, future-proof calling services.


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