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It's fine without the PSTN line

Remember the days when you had to order a PSTN line along with your ethernet or broadband orders? Well, you can put them out of your memory as now we have a simpler, easier and more efficient way for you to get hold of fast generic ethernet or broadband. Say hello to SoGEA.

It’s simpler, quicker and cheaper with SoGEA

With SoGEA, we’ve improved the order journey. Gone is the process of having to make two orders, one for PSTN and once installed, a further broadband or ethernet order. Now it just takes one order, meaning you can get your broadband or ethernet set up and running for your customers, simpler and quicker than before. And with only one line, it’s cheaper too.

Which SoGEA’s for you?

SoGEA for broadband

Perhaps you need standalone super-fast fibre broadband without the need for a PSTN line. If you’re looking to future-proof your broadband portfolio and offer your customers the best in broadband with simple ordering and quicker installs, then SoGEA for broadband is for you.

SoGEA for ethernet

Are you looking for lower bandwidth ethernet that’s cheaper, easier and quicker than before? Then this could be just for you. We’ve created a service that’s easy to order, has better pricing and has the familiarity of our superfast GEA products.

The Broadband of tomorrow. In one easy order journey

Quicker installs, faster revenue

As there’s only one line you’ll be able to deliver your service quicker and cheaper compared to when you had to order a PSTN line. You’ll get your customers up and running faster so you can start billing sooner.

We’ve got you covered

Not only do we deliver some of the fastest broadband speeds, but we have some of the widest coverage too, reaching over 28.5 million premises. Which means we’ll have you covered from now, up to the PSTN switch off and beyond.

Helping you prepare for an all-IP future

Get ahead of your competitors and start incorporating IP solutions into your portfolio, now, ahead of the 2025 switch-off. We’ll be on hand to help throughout the whole process. You can say goodbye to the PSTN line early with SoGEA for broadband and we’ll make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Be better than the rest

Our network performs better than the industry average on latency, packet loss and jitter. And we can give you industry-leading maximum, average, peak-time and minimum fibre speeds. So by taking advantage of that, you can give your customers the broadband they need and stand out from the competition.

Begin with broadband

If you’re interested in taking the next step and adding SoGEA for broadband to your portfolio, get in touch with one of our experts and they can help.

Ethernet at its best

Great ethernet at great prices

On top of the fact that you can get GEA quicker and via a simpler service experience, SoGEA for ethernet is also approximately 30 per cent cheaper than our GEA-FTTC. With only one order to manage and one line to pay for, you can deliver connectivity to your customers fast, improving customer experience and enabling you to generate revenue quicker too.

A network you can rely on

Our ethernet services are built on our network of the future. You can take advantage of our investments and innovation and a national core and backhaul network that runs at better than 99.999 availability. So you can give your customers the reliability they need.

Same but better

SoGEA for ethernet is still the same GEA service which includes the existing flexibility that you can support asymmetric bandwidths within the same fixed price structure. It just now comes in a single order that saves time, money and effort.

Sound good to you?

If you’re interested in taking the next step of adding SoGEA for ethernet to your portfolio, get in touch with one of our experts and they can help.

Prepare for Digital Britain

With the big PSTN switch off coming in 2025, businesses need to prepare for the next phase of Digital Britain. And we’re leading the way. We have an unparalleled line of access products that will help you thrive and become first to market as new technology and speeds are created. With so much potential, why wait for the transition?

So good, SoGEA

Whether you’re looking for an ethernet or broadband solution, when it comes under our SoGEA banner, you can expect a lot more benefits than just single ordering.

Making it easier to work with us

Part of our ongoing journey is for it to be simple when we work together. That’s why we invest in our network, why we look to the future and look to solutions that are easy and beneficial to use. That’s why we have SoGEA.

Investing in a network you can rely on

We make sure there’s no other network likes ours. We’ve invested over £2.1 billion in the last year alone and we’re not stopping there. We employ over 3,000 cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers who test and protect the network and our customers 24/7. That’s why it has market-leading 99.999 per cent network availability. You won’t find that anywhere else.

The move to IP voice

With the closure of PSTN, it’s time to make the move to IP voice. SoGEA is just one of our many solutions that can help you to give your customers quality calls, backed by us.

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