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IP Transformation Services

Supporting you to manage the move to all-IP

The future of communications is digital. With the PSTN switch-off coming in 2025, the move to all-IP is just
around the corner. With it will come new opportunities, as your customers look to you to help them
embrace digital transformation and future-proof their businesses.


But moving customers to all-IP is not without challenges. Digital transformation is a major shift, and
sometimes you may need a helping hand. And that’s where IP Transformation Services comes in. We offer
you the knowledge and expertise to better support your customers and make network changes as
seamless, efficient and effective as possible.

A network you can rely on

With 99.999% availability, more organisations - including some of the UK’s most critical services – emergency, security and national health - rely on our network than any other.

Why use IP Transformation Services?

As you migrate your customers to the cloud, you might face obstacles that are difficult or practically impossible for you to overcome by yourself. Bigger deals might slip away because you don’t have the resources to fulfil them.

But with IP Transformation Services in your corner, you can overcome these challenges and take your business further. We have the skills, the experience and the manpower to get you over the line. From deploying complex network infrastructure to dealing with land rights, we’ve got your back.

Our extensive product range and expertise enables us to find bespoke solutions that work for you. IP Transformation Services is all about helping you to succeed and make the most of the growing digital market.


1. Audit

We can carry out thorough audits of your customers’ existing solutions. We’ll identify any constraints or changes needed, as well as the impact on business and operational support systems.

2. Portfolio analysis and mapping

Our engineers will analyse the audit of the existing infrastructure. We’ll think about your customers’ future needs and identify the best IP solutions to replace their legacy circuits.

3. Solution design

If you’re taking on a large-scale or complex project, we can help. We provide bespoke solution design services, which enable you to tap into our resources and expertise when you need them.

4. Service set-up

Letting us handling installation is easy and cost effective. Our experts can help make sure the right solutions are used and that projects are completed in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

5. Service migration

Our experts offer a fully managed service that includes scheduling, design, delivery, physical installation, commissioning and migration. This helps you get the most value from your new solutions.

6. Managed decommissioning

To help complete the move to all-IP solutions, we can manage the removal, disposal and recycling of legacy equipment in line with the relevant regulations. We can help you get back cash for scrapped items.  

Benefits for you

More business opportunities

With our help, every opportunity that digital transformation creates for you is achievable. Bigger, more complex projects need not be out of your reach.

Happier customers

The more smoothly you’re able to migrate your customers away from legacy solutions, the happier they’ll be. That encourages customer loyalty and can create upsell opportunities too.

Benefits for your customers

Freedom of choice

With our IP Transformation Services, customers can get exactly the help they need – whether it’s with one aspect of their migration or all of it.

Peace of mind

Whatever your customers need as they seek to transform their communications, we can provide it – leaving them free to focus on their own business.

Higher quality

With access to our specialist skills, your customers will enjoy solutions that are more reliable, flexible and responsive than ever. 

Lower costs

Through informed decision making and better use of resources, our professionals will add real value while reducing your customers costs.

Are you ready for the digital future?

The move to all-IP communications presents
challenges to all businesses. Read our guide ‘Make
the move to a digital world’ to find out how you can
help make it a reality for your customers.

Read our datasheet

As we move towards an all-IP world, there will be an
increasing need for your customers to make
significant changes to their network infrastructure.
Discover how IP Transformation Services can help
you to help them.

A network you can rely on

With 99.999% availability, more organisations - including some of the UK’s most critical services – emergency, security and national health - rely on our network than any other.

Services for digital transformation

IP Transformation Services is one of our Professional Services. These, along with our wider portfolio,
enable us to more effectively support you as you migrate your customers to all-IP.

Managed Install

A quick, low-cost and simple way of installing our Wholesale Ethernet circuits. We provide a single integrated journey for access, equipment and installation. We’ll deliver the leased line circuits, as well as sourcing, testing and installing the equipment. And everything is managed by a single, dedicated team.


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Managed Order Desk

Order desk management can be time-consuming and difficult. Our solution to easier ordering is to enable you to outsource the management of connectivity and equipment orders to our experts. Our Managed Order Desk handles both orders and suppliers. It streamlines the whole ordering process, saving time and money.


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Managed Wayleave

Sometimes, a customer might need to put up poles or lay cables across someone’s land. To do so, they’ll need a legal agreement: a wayleave. We work with experienced property consultants to provide Managed Wayleave, a service that streamlines the whole process, which can otherwise become long and complex.


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Managed Decommissioning

As your customers move to all-IP solutions, they’ll need to dispose of their old devices, phones, network equipment and other telecom items. Our Managed Decommissioning service ensures items are disposed of properly, in line with environmental and data regulations. We’ll take care of everything, from start to finish.


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Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC)

Shifting customers away from legacy phone lines is easy with Hosted Centrex and Hosted SIP Trunking. With flexible licensing and simple deployment, it’s good for you and your customers. And with the addition of Webex, it’s the complete voice and collaboration package. 


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Colocation Services

Our Colocation Services are a great alternative to on-site datacentres. We have thousands of secure exchanges across the UK, so customers can keep their servers nearby. We can host compute, network and edge services, in anything from one to 200 racks. And customers have full access to their datacentre at any time.


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