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IP Transformation Services

Supporting you to manage the move to all-IP

The future of communications is digital.

With the PSTN switch-off coming in 2025, the move to all-IP is just around the corner. Which brings big opportunities for you to support customers’ digital transformation – and futureproof their businesses.

But moving customers to all-IP is not without challenges. Digital transformation is a major shift, and sometimes you may need a helping hand. That’s where IP Transformation Services comes in. A partner with the experience and expertise to make customers’ switch to all-IP as seamless as possible.

Why use IP Transformation Services?

As you migrate customers to the cloud, you may face challenges difficult or practically impossible to overcome by yourself. Bigger deals might slip away because you don’t have the resources to fulfil them.

But with IP Transformation Services in your corner, you can overcome these challenges and generate big rewards for your business. 


More business opportunities

When it comes to bidding for, and winning, digital transformation projects, you can aim bigger with BT Wholesale and IP Transformation Services. We’re here to help you achieve every opportunity that comes your way.


Happier customers

The smoother the migration from legacy solutions, the happier your customers will be. And with customer loyalty come more chances to upsell and grow your business.


IP Transformation expertise

We have the skills and experience to get you over the line. From deploying complex network infrastructure, to dealing with land rights - we’ve got your back.

IP Transformation Services

Using BT Wholesale’s extensive product range, we’ll provide bespoke solutions tailored to your customers. IP Transformation Services is all about helping you succeed and make the most of the growing digital market.

Survey and portfolio analysis

Experts will carry out remote and on-site surveys of your customer’s systems. They will record and understand what’s happening on each circuit, identifying replacement solutions. 

Solution design

If you’re taking on a large-scale or complex project, we can provide bespoke solution design services tapping into our resources and expertise.

Service set-up

We can manage the installation of new equipment and circuits, using the right solutions to complete projects in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Service migration

Our experts offer a fully managed service that includes scheduling, design, delivery, physical installation, commissioning and migration. This helps you get the most value from your new solutions.

Managed decommissioning

To help complete the move to all-IP solutions, we can manage the removal, disposal, and recycling of legacy equipment in line with relevant regulations. We can even help you get back cash for scrapped items. 

Benefits for your customers


Freedom of choice

With our IP Transformation Services, customers can get exactly the help they need.


Peace of mind

Your customers know their business best. As do we. Leaving them to focus on their future success – while we transform their communications to do the same.


Higher quality

With access to our specialist skills, your customers will enjoy solutions helping them work smarter and faster.


Lower costs

Through informed decision making and better use of resources, our professionals will add real value while reducing your customers costs.


Are you ready for the digital future?

The move to all-IP communications presents challenges to all businesses. Read our guide ‘Make the move to a digital world’ to find out how you can help make it a reality for your customers.

Discover how IP Transformation Services can help you

As we move towards an all-IP world, there will be an increasing need for your customers to make significant changes to their network infrastructure.

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