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Simplify your business with Managed Order Desk

Increase efficiency and revenue – not your workload

As your business grows, managing and processing orders becomes more resource-intensive and time consuming. Take the strain off with Managed Order Desk.


We’ll handle your orders for you, including the delivery of customers premises equipment (CPE) – giving you a complete service wrap, so you can focus on other areas of business.  

Reduce opex

You won’t need to hire new staff to handle your orders or the equipment they’ll need to do it, so you’ll save money.

Improve efficiency

We’ll manage the whole process for you, helping you to rapidly turn around deals and improve cashflow.


Improve customer satisfaction

By giving your customers amazing service, we’ll help you make a great impression and encourage repeat business.


Maximise value to your business

Take advantage of volume pricing to keep your costs down and improve your bottom line.

A complete solution

With end-to-end management of your orders and outsourcing of crucial resources, there’s no hassle. Just easier business and happier customers. 

Project management simplified

We can co-ordinate and project manage multi-site, multi-circuit deployments, including ordering and provision of Ethernet and CPE installations in project timescales.

Fully managed installs

This part of the service includes Ethernet and CPE as a single order. You also get co-ordination of circuit provision and CPE staging, delivery install and testing, on a per-circuit basis – plus alignment of billing.

Migration support for peace of mind

You get a back-office team, available in normal office hours and out of hours. And you have the option to be supported by on-site field engineers.


Delivering large-scale projects through bespoke support

Thanks to Managed Order Desk, our customer was able to transform a national hospitality chain, saving time and money.

Further information

Check out our datasheet for more information about Managed Order Desk.

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Talk to us about your needs

Discuss your business needs with one of our experts, and discover how we can help you find success.