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It's the end
of the line...

The age of all-IP has well and truly arrived. Find out how you can help your customers make the switch today.


What's the state of play?

Leading industry analyst Megabuyte explores what’s holding back change – and what you need to do next.

Get ahead of the game

So when 2027 comes around, you’ll already have been an All-IP expert for years.

When’s it happening?

Key dates to remember as we begin our Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) stop sell:

  • 125 exchanges stop sell - 4 June 2024
  • 18 exchanges stop sell - 16 August 2024
  • 28 exchanges stop sell - 9 November 2024
  • Salisbury & Mildenhall withdrawal - October 2023
  • Nationwide full WLR stop sell - September 2023
  • Nationwide WLR withdrawal - 2027

Connect your customers to the future

The right connectivity is vital for digital services, and we offer everything from FTTP to SoGEA on our nationwide network. Fibre not available? We’ve got you covered with all-IP-ready SOADSL. We can even support edge use cases that need more time to migrate from the PSTN. 

Start your digital transformation journey

Explore our interactive guide to see how you can help make that happen.

Deliver the future with hosted communications

Connect businesses of all sizes, with a wide range of cloud-based solutions.

Wholesale SIP Trunking

Give large businesses an easy way to connect their legacy PBX boxes to the cloud.

Pre-digital Phone Line

Keep legacy equipment connected while moving customers away from the PSTN.

Wholesale Conferencing

Find new opportunities with cost-effective audio and web conferencing solutions.

Explore the all-IP future

We’ve put together a selection of our campaigns and insight articles to paint a bigger picture of what we’re expecting in the marketplace.

Voice to cloud

Why wait until 2027 to add hosted to your portfolio? Whether you’re on a hosted platform yet or not, find out how we can help.

The switch-off: preparing for the all-IP world

Find out how we can ease the transition to all-IP and what we learnt speaking to organisations in different stages of their journey.

Shining a light on Hosted Voice

During the coronavirus pandemic, we saw an influx in hosted voice and flexible working. This article shines a light on the future of communications.

Frequently asked questions

There’s a lot happening over the next few years, so you probably have some questions.

  • The existing PSTN service is ageing, and it’s no longer sustainable to support today’s communication requirements. It’ll reach the end of its life by 2027, which means the analogue telephone voice service that’s reliant on the network won’t be available anymore. 

  • ‘Stop sell’ means no new WLR services will be offered in the impacted areas. Stop sell also restricts existing WLR services.

  • As PSTN closes, there are a number of other products which can underpin migration, covering both broadband and Ethernet. For voice services, you’ll need an IP voice product over the top of the underlying access. We’ve put together some FAQs within our interactive guide which should answer any questions you may have. If you want to know more, just get in touch with us.

  • We all know the public switched telephone network is being shut down in 2027. But what’s the best way to prepare your customers and your business for the change?


    To help you, we’ve put together a quick guide to all-IP and the PSTN switch-off. It’s packed with essential information that will help you and your team understand what’s happening and when.

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Get in touch

Let’s get the conversation started. We can talk you through the upcoming plans and ensure your customers can be moved onto new services ahead of the withdrawal dates.