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Unlock the power of 5G with Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC)

What is MEC?

In today’s data-driven world, businesses want to use less physical infrastructure and more digitised solutions, which require less space and financial investment.

This is where Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) comes in.

Using the power of our 5G networks, MEC allows latency-sensitive applications to be run close to users,  meaning application traffic can reach servers, without ever leaving the network. 

The north west will become one of the first regions in the UK where the service is available through BT Wholesale. With news of general availability, customers in major cities like Manchester and Liverpool have the opportunity to take advantage of EE’s network infrastructure with AWS cloud services. Business will be able to request access from 27 June 2023.

Get in touch to find out how we can work with your business and customers to provide connectivity where it's needed most.

How your business can benefit from MEC

Bringing the power of 5G and the cloud to businesses on the move.


Faster data processing

Data is processed locally, meaning reduced costs and network efficiency.


Lower latency

With computing capabilities closer to the network edge, tap into real-time interactions.



Flexibility of scaling up and down devices on demand.


Enhanced security and privacy

Maintain better control over your information, by keeping data closer to its source.


Competitive edge

Provide new and differentiated services to your customers, opening up new revenue streams.


Reduced costs

Ability to offload compute to MEC enables deployment of lower cost devices.

MEC: This is the future

BT and Amazon Web Services are making new cutting-edge technology available to customers across Manchester and the north west.

The move will see the technology, known as the AWS Wavelength Zone, made available for general access for businesses across the region.

By bringing computing power and storage closer to you, you’ll see faster speeds and unlock real-time decision-making possibilities.

The power of AWS at the network edge

Giving our customers access to edge computing services – with the first site now live for customer trials in Manchester and Liverpool.

Leveraging EE’s leading 5G network infrastructure

With cloud services from Amazon Web Services, right where they are needed at the edge, this will make for faster, secure, and high-bandwidth connectivity for customers.


A range of IoT benefits

Fast, secure data processing closer to where you need it most, accelerating innovation across industries.

The transformative power of MEC

Changing the way individuals and companies experience everyday life.

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Create truly immersive AR and VR experiences for your users, optimise the delivery of your applications, and reduce costs.


Through real-time simulation and processing, you can quickly render and display 3D content, reducing lag and improving the overall user experience.

Crowd management

Use MEC to deploy crowd management applications at the edge, close to the source of the data, to provide real-time insights and actions.


With low-latency connectivity,  respond quickly to changes in crowd behaviour, improving safety and security, during events and other public gatherings.

Autonomous guided vehicles

Optimise your autonomous vehicle operations and improve safety with real-time processing and analysis of sensor data


Through real-time object detection and avoidance,  vehicles can quickly detect and respond to changes in their environment, reducing the risk of accidents.

Manufacturing and construction

Monitor machine performance in real-time,  identify potential issues before they become critical and take proactive steps to address them.


Leverage real-time data to optimise equipment performance and prevent breakdowns, improving safety and productivity on the job site.


Give customers a seamless and immersive shopping experience with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications that allow them to virtually try on products or see how furniture would look in their home. 


Leverage real-time analytics to monitor foot traffic, analyse customer behaviour and provide customers personalised recommendations.

Why BT Wholesale


Leading network and cloud provider

Connect to the UK’s best mobile network, EE* and the world’s leading cloud provider, AWS.


Trusted experts

Leverage BT’s expertise and vendor relationships to add value and to explore cloud opportunities​.


Unlocked growth

Accelerate innovation to monetise 5G, edge, and enterprise transformation.

Differentiate yourself as a digital disruptor

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