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Switch to all-IP seamlessly with Complete Switch

Switch to a digital future

In today’s always-on world, your customers need a modern network they can rely on.


Switching to all-IP now can help you get ahead of the competition before the PSTN switch-off in 2027. And, like the thousands of UK businesses already using all-IP, your customers will get a boost from rapid connection speeds, rich collaboration features, and greater reliability.


Complete Switch is available through our new digital platform, The Hub. Allowing you to take full advantage of Broadband One and WHC Express. If you’re not already a BT Wholesale customer sign up here

What are Broadband One and WHC Express?

Both digital solutions come bundled with the all-IP switch, letting you target one-to-ten-employee businesses with a digital phone line and ultrafast full-fibre broadband speeds. 


WHC Express allows users to make and receive calls on the same number across fixed and mobile devices, with the same call features such as voicemail, call divert, call transfer and call hold. The voice service is delivered and managed via an online portal.


While Broadband One delivers reliable, future-proof broadband options, including FTTP and SoGEA.

Sound good?

In one seamless integrated order journey, you can upgrade voice and broadband services to all-IP. With no downtime. No disruption. And no fuss. It’s just business as usual for you and your customers.


Visit Complete Switch now and make switching to all-IP quick and easy.

Why switching now is better for business

Order WHC Express and Broadband One together as a new Complete Switch solution. A seamless integrated order journey available on the Hub – our new digital platform. 


Future proof

Secures a digital future for business networks.


Easily scalable

Flexibility of scaling up bandwidth on demand.


Full fibre

Combines power of full fibre and digital voice.


Lower operating costs

Reduces maintenance costs and simplifies billing.


Better customer experience

Makes things easier for customers and boosts NPS scores.


Single supplier

Reduces overheads from multiple utility providers.

A suite of support for Partner Plus members

If you’re looking to scale your business quickly and serve your customers with the best digital solutions, talk to us about becoming a Partner Plus member. An all-in-one productivity package for learning and training, campaign management, and inventory. 

Get in touch

Let’s get the conversation started. We can talk you through the upcoming plans and ensure your customers can be moved onto new services ahead of the withdrawal dates.