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Machine to Machine (M2M)

The world is becoming more connected

The rise of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication has extended to cars, vending machines, grocery delivery vans, farms – in fact there are so many sectors which can now benefit from growing 4G and M2M communication. 

Machines are talking to one another over fast 4G speeds. And as we have the fastest mobile network in the UK, you can benefit from a range of new opportunities.

Our products & services

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Let your customers enjoy greater flexibility and control with our self-managed service and huge selection of compatible SIMs. Take a look at our BT Control Centre solution to find out more.




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When your customers need quick connectivity and fast speeds from remote locations then this is the solution you want.

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Minimise downtime and keep devices connected with our solution that switches between broadband and mobile data.

The potential of Machine to Machine is limitless

The name says it all, Machine to Machine (M2M) is the exchange of information between devices. Whether it’s sensors in a grocery delivery van measuring food temperature or a microchip in a car monitoring fuel economy, many industries are using M2M to enhance their services and improve service reliability. Data transmission is done over mobile networks and with our EE network, we’re in a great position to help you take advantage of M2M. 

Why us?

Award-winning network

We’ve won the Mobile Industry Award for best Business & Consumer Network in 2014 and 2015. In a 2016 Ofcom publication we were confirmed as having the best coverage and best performing network. We support this by having a 4G network which is 50% faster than any of our competitors and we’re continually developing it to make sure we provide even more coverage, powerful connectivity and greater capacity and bandwidth. 

We’re also committed to delivering our 2G services


as they currently cover over 99% of UK population coverage, and we’ve pledged to retain them up until 2025 as there is still widespread use of them within M2M services.




Any size, many possibilities

It doesn’t matter what size business your customer has. Whether they’re a large company or an SME who wants to stand up to larger competitors, our solutions can make their businesses more competitive and agile.

Interested in seeing just how far your coverage could go with our M2M Control Centre?

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