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General Public Enquiries FAQs

As a wholesaler, we provide products and services to other businesses, so we don't deal directly with members of the public. If you're having problems with your phone or broadband service, please contact the company who you pay your bills to. Before contacting us, please read our FAQS below.

  • It’s not that we won’t help - it’s just that there are certain situations where we can’t.

    As we’re a wholesaler, we only sell services to other companies (known as Communication Providers). They in turn sell these services on. You can think of this like a supermarket that buys products from a wholesaler and then sells these on to you. If you have any problems it’s the supermarket you need to go to.

    So if you’ve got any problems with your service, e.g. phone or broadband, you need to speak to the company who you pay your bills to. Officially, they’re the only one’s who’ll be able to get things moving for you.

    Please take a look through our other FAQs on this page to see if these can answer your query.

  • To find out if you can get fibre broadband, see

  • A TAG is created when a broadband service is connected at the exchange. Without it, a service can't be provided on your line. Once a service is cancelled, arrangements should be made to remove the TAG so that another company can provide services instead.

    Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and the TAG can remain on the line. Until it's removed, your new provider can't offer you a service on that line.

  • If there's a TAG on the line, your new provider will need to investigate and fix the underlying problem. It can normally take 10 working days to fix a TAG issue, but sometimes it may take shorter or longer depending on the individual case. In some cases, your new broadband provider may ask you to contact your previous provider to ask them to clear the line for you.

  • Please see the Openreach website.

  • The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is  a free service run by the Direct Marketing Association. It's the official central opt-out register on which you can record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

  • For help, see the guide on the BT customer help channel How do I sign up to ex-directory services?

  • For help, head over to the BT phone book website.

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