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Find a range of resources to help you with billing and invoices. Also see our  Billing FAQs

  • Find out about the AIT Process and download related documents.

    What is AIT?

    AIT is covered under Annex E of the Standard Interconnect Agreement.

    It is a process whereby originating operators can formally notify terminating operators of traffic which they suspect has been artificially inflated simply to boost the revenue of the Service Provider, Re-seller or Terminating Network without offering any real benefit to the call originator.

    The process allows for the retention of funds against a Terminating Network where the originator has reasonable grounds for suspecting AIT has occurred.

    For details of the process and the contractual timescales that apply, see the Annex E Document below. You can also find all the documents detailed in the process under Annex E.

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  • Includes User Guides for Generic Bill Backup and eQuery.

  • Download Interconnect billing manuals.

  • Find out how changes to the UK VAT legislation on 1 February 2016 will affect your business and what BT is doing to implement the change in legislation.

    On 1 February 2016 the law concerning the charging of VAT on wholesale supplies of voice telecommunication services in the UK will change. In the briefing below we have summarised the changes, how they will affect your business and what BT is doing to implement the change in legislation.

    These changes affect the way that BT applies VAT to its invoices and but does not change the way we contract with you or the price of our services.

    These changes only affect voice and related data services (SMS, MMS and VoIP) but do not affect data, access or line rental services.

  • Find out about EBC and how to access the EBC Data Files.

    What is Element Based Charging (EBC)?

    EBC is a mechanism that measures BT network usage by Communication Providers (CPs). It's one of the factors that affect the final price of certain calls.

    A matrix is available, along with other supporting files, to allow CPs to verify bills from BT Wholesale.

    Access to the EBC data files is restricted to BT's Interconnect customers. You can apply for access here. We'll send you a confirmation email when your request has been approved.

    Once approved, to access the EBC data files, go to the EBC Data Files section below.

    Need further information?

    If you have any questions about EBC, please e-mail

  • Download the Element Based Charging (EBC) data files.

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