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Broadband Orders FAQs

  • What is incompatible with Broadband?

    There are a variety of products incompatible with broadband. For the latest list, please consult your Technical Handbook or Availability Checker Best Practice.


    What is a 'Tag on the line', and how do I remove one?

    A 'Tag on the line' prevents you from placing a Broadband order. It's caused by various reasons including an incompatible product existing on the line or a data integrity issue.

    You can use the 'Tags on the line' portal to investigate if there's a tag on a customer's line. For details on how to do this, please see the guide How to search for a Tags Query.


    A cease order is placed against my end user's service that I didn't raise. Why?

    A cease order may be entered against your End User's service for a number of reasons. You will see this if they are migrating to a new provider via the Notice of Transfer process. Or they may be cancelling their telephony service.

    For more details, contact your End User.

  • Where can I find the latest update on my order?

    Order updates can be found on Eco Plus, accessible via BT Wholesale Business Zone.
    We also provide updates via our B2B platform.

    How often should I get an update on a delayed order?

    We will keep you updated on the order delay. We'll also provide review dates highlighting when to expect the next update.

  • How do I expedite an order?

    You can request an order to be expedited if you want it to be provided sooner than the standard lead time. Please bear in mind that, while we'll do everything we can, an expedite can't be guaranteed.

    You'll find details on how to expedite in our Customer Services Plans (CSPs)

  • How do I escalate an order?

    You can escalate an order via the Escalation Portal. For more details, please see the guide How to raise an escalation.

    You can access the Escalations Portal from My BT Wholesale. Go to My apps and select Quotes and Orders.

    For more information about escalations on WBC EUA Copper, WBC EUA Fibre (FTTC and FTTP) and IP Stream, please refer to your Customer Service Plan.

  • What is PONR/PONC/PONA?

    These terms mean Point of No Return (PONR), Point of no Cancel (PONC) and Point of no Amend (PONA).

    This refers to the point at which your order can no longer be cancelled or amended. You will need to allow the order to complete and then place a cease order if you wish the service to be cancelled, or a modify order if you wish the service to be amended.

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