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Broadband One Legacy Migrations

What is Broadband One?


Broadband One offers a wide range of broadband services, all accessed through an easy-to-use portal, which allows you to build the perfect connectivity portfolio for your business. Our range of copper and fibre broadband options are built on BT’s state-of-the-art network infrastructure, providing industry leading performance and resilience.


The broadband element of the service can be provided by itself and can be used with an existing Access Line (PSTN) provided by a third party or in conjunction with a Broadband One Access Line.


You’ll simply choose which access product is right for each of your end users and place the order, with the option to provision or migrate an Access Line. The Broadband One service team will then provision the order, connect the end user to BT’s network and finally connect them to the Internet. All of this is visible to you through our portal.


Migrating from Plusnet to Broadband One


As you know, the Legacy Plusnet platform is shutting down. It’s making way for newer, future-proof solutions that can match the demands of digital transformation - solutions like Broadband One. This new service is designed to simplify the process of delivering broadband, while preparing you and your customers for an all-IP future. And we’ll manage the migration for you, keeping in touch to make sure you’re happy with everything.


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Information for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), who will be onward selling  Broadband One products.

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Information for customers buying services for their own use.


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