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Development releases & B2B

  • Access the documentation associated with our Broadband development releases - includes XML and process changes.

  • Learn about the many benefits of B2B gateways and download an overview guide.

  • Find resources to help you with managing Business-to-Business (B2B) and XML interfaces for KBD.

  • Find B2B resources for Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC), Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC), Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Wholesale Ethernet.

  • Find B2B resources related to the BT Wholesale Broadband Interlock Test facility.

  • Find how to access resources to help you with the B2B and XML interfaces to support common applications for 21C and 20C Broadband.

  • Find B2B resources for running diagnostic tests and raising faults, known as the T2R (Trouble to Resolve) process, for Partial Private Circuits (PPCs) and leased lines.

  • Access a guide to help you with eCo order XML.

  • Find out more about the Statement of Requirement (SOR) process.

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