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Find a range of resources about our broadband services and online apps. This includes help with broadband migrations, Ofcom's Consumer Switching Notice of Transfer (NoT) process, broadband escalations and Wholesale Customer Reporting (WCR) guides.

Asset List Inventory Reports Secure Icon

The Asset List Inventory Reports are designed to help you better understand the current Broadband Assets that we are providing to you, on the BT Wholesale Broadband Network.

ASDL Availability Checker (BBAC)

Find out how to access the ADSL Availability Checker and related documentation.

How to access the ADSL Availability Checker

Our ADSL Availability Checker gives an indication of where our broadband services are available for a given phone number, postal address, Network Address key (NAD key) or postcode. Access the ADSL Availability Checker here.


Acceptable use of the ADSL Availability Checker is defined in the 'Restrictions of use' section of the Broadband Availability Checker Guide.


Fibre to the X (FTTX) Availability

Find out how to identify which areas and cabinets are live for FTTC and FTTP.



How to access FTTX availability data


As well as being able to check individual lines through the Availability Checker, we have a range of data sources to help WBC or WBMC Communication Providers (CPs) identify areas that are enabled for FTTC and FTTP.


If you're a WBC FTTC and FTTP customer of BT Wholesale, you can access key network rollout information and links to useful resources to help you plan your fibre broadband marketing activities. For more details, see the 21CN Broadband Service Availability & Network Inventory section on the Network Information page.


ADSL Availability Checker documentation

Access to the ADSL Availability Checker documentation is available only to Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC), WBC Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) customers of BT Wholesale.


If this applies to you, please request access to Broadband Secure Content via the My Apps page in My BT Wholesale. If you already have access, go to the ADSL Availability Checker Documentation for more information.


How to access ADSL and Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) bulk checker

As a Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) or Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC) customer you can also request bulk checks. For more information see the Bulk Checker page.



Broadband Development Release Documentation Secure Icon

Access the documentation associated with our Broadband Development Releases to include XML and process changes.

Broadband Capacity Reports Secure Icon

Access the S-VLAN Report and IPstream Virtual Path (VP) Status Report.

Broadband Migrations Secure Icon

Download documentation and resources to help with Broadband Migrations.

Ofcom Notice of Transfer Process Secure Icon

Access documentation for the Ofcom change of migrations process from MAC to Notice of Transfer (NoT).

Tags on the Line Secure Icon

TAGs on the line and how to deal with them.

Broadband Escalations Portal User Guides Secure Icon

Find guides to help you use our Escalations Portal, which allows you to raise escalations related to broadband orders and faults.

B2B Secure Icon

Find out how to access our Business-to-Business (B2B) resources.

Wholesale Customer Reporting (WCR) Secure Icon

Find the latest Wholesale Customer Reporting (WCR) user guides.

Knowledge Based Diagnostics Secure Icon

Find out how to access our KBD resources.

Faults, Performance Issues & Troubleshooting Secure Icon

Find out how to access a range of guides covering tools on and best practices.

Broadband Cancellation Reasons Secure Icon

Download a guide to help Communications Providers (CPs) progress cancelled broadband orders.

Broadband Cease Types and Reasons Secure Icon

A guide to help Communication Providers (CPs) understand Cease Types and Cease Reasons.

Simultaneous Provision Process Secure Icon

Find an overview of the Simultaneous Provision Process and SIM2 Expedite Process User Guide.

Fibreline report Secure Icon

Details of post install performance on Fibrelines.

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