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Broadband Incident Helpdesk FAQs

Find useful FAQs to help you know when to contact the Broadband Incident Helpdesk.

When can I contact the Broadband Incident Helpdesk Faults team?

Contact the Broadband Incident Helpdesk Faults team if:


  • you have 25 or more lines that you believe are affected by the same issue
  • you need to report a fault on a WBMC BBCH, BBAP or BBEP reference
  • you have a query regarding a Broadband Planned Engineering Work (PEW)
  • you would like an update on an ongoing Major Service Outage (MSO)

Who do I contact if I have less than 25 lines impacted?

Please use the ‘Faults – Live eChat’ option at the bottom of the page for queries regarding individual faults, or small numbers of faults.

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