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Billing FAQs

Find useful FAQS to help you with billing enquiries.

  • eBilling enables you to view bills online and to download back-up information for reconciliation purposes. eBilling is available for almost all BT Wholesale products.

    To apply for access to eBilling, go to the My Apps area in My BT Wholesale – you'll find eBilling under the Billing tab. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

    We'll let you know by email whether your request has been accepted.

  • Yes. Our eBilling service enables you to access your bills online. It's available for almost all BT Wholesale products.

  • To raise a billing enquiry, log into eBilling and click on 'Raise a Query'. If you need help with the eQuery tool, please contact

  • You can find details of our escalation process and contact points in your Customer Service Plan (CSP). To access the CSP, go our Customer Service Plan (CSP) page.

  • EBC is a mechanism that measures BT network usage by Communication Providers (CPs). It's one of the factors that affect the final price of certain calls.

    Access to the EBC data files is restricted to BT's Interconnect customers. You can apply for access here. We'll send you a confirmation email when your request has been approved.

  • Please see our Carrier Price List page.

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