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Wholesale SIP Trunking (WSIPT)

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    Recent briefings

    Wholesale SIP Trunking Service Updates - 14 July 2018

    From 15 July 2018 we’ll be delivering some changes to the new numbers and number import capabilities on Wholesale SIP Trunking. Please read this briefing to find out more.

     Wholesale SIP Trunking Product Updates  - 26 June 2018

    We have been working to improve our WSIPT service in a number of areas and have brought all the changes together in updated documents which are available to download in the document centre. Please read this briefing to find out more.

    Hosted Voice Customer Service Update Action Required  - 21 June 2018

    We are making some improvements to our customer support function for Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC 3.0) and Wholesale SIP Trunking (WSIPT). Please read this briefing to find out more.

    Wholesale SIP Trunking Rate Card Update Effective 1 July 2018  - 25 May 2018

    This briefing contains the Wholesale SIP Trunking (WSIPT) pricing rate books effective 1 July 2018. This briefing contains rate books for Bands A and B so you will need to ensure you use the correct Band.

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