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Service Provider Price List

Access the Service Provider Price List (SPPL).

Section 36: Wholesale Service Provider Services

Access Section 36 of the SPPL.

Part 1: Introduction and Definitions

Part 2: Wholesale Service Provider Calls and Texts

Part 3: Wholesale Access (Analogue Lines)

Part 4: Wholesale Digital Access

Part 5: Wholesale ISDN30

Part 8: Third Party Payment Options

Part 9: Payphone Access Levy Collection

Section 44: Wholesale Broadband Services

Access Section 44 of the SPPL.

Part 4. Service Level Options and Guarantees

Part 5. Broadband Discount Scheme (retired scheme)

Part 7. BT Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC)

For archived price lists, select related documents.

26/02/2019 | xlsx - 1007.64 Kb | 22 related Documents

Part 8. BT IPstream Connect

For archived price lists, select related documents.

31/01/2017 | docx - 64.41 Kb | 20 related Documents

Part 9. Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC)

For the Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC) price list, see WBMC - Pricing and Contacts.


Part 10. Broadband Complete

For the Broadband Complete price list, see Broadband Complete - Pricing and Contacts.



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