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Network Information

Find information about our network infrastructure including the Planned Engineering Works programme, latest 21CN Broadband service availability and roll-out details.

21C Broadband Service Availability & Network Inventory Secure Icon

Find out about service availability and how to access further resources.

21C Service Availability & Network Inventory Secure Icon

Find out about service availability and product retirement information for BT Wholesale's portfolio of 21C products and services.

Exchange Location & Network Inventory Secure Icon

This section contains the secure datasets related to 21CN network inventory and exchange locations.

Latest FTTC & FTTP Exchange & Cabinet Availability Secure Icon

Find key network rollout information and links to useful resources, such as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) availability to help you plan your fibre broadband marketing activities.

BTW Broadband Availability Checker Secure Icon

This section contains previous versions of the Broadband Availability Checker User Guide.


Latest versions of Broadband Availability Checker documentation can be found on the Development Releases & B2B page under the Broadband Development Release Documentation section.

Bulk Checker Secure Icon

Find out how to take advantage of a Bulk Checking facility for phone numbers.

BT Network Description

Find out about BT's Network description.

Below you can find details about BT's Network Description, which provides an overview of BT's Public Switched Telephony Network (PSTN). You can also download the Network Information Publication Principles (NIPP) Annex A and Annex B.


Network Information Publication Principles (NIPP)


NIPP is detailed information about BT's Network that is provided in accordance with Ofcom's Network Information Publication Principles. The information is published quarterly and is only available to registered users.


Operators who have an Interconnection agreement with BT and require access to NIPP should speak to their BT Commercial Manager or Technical Account Director/Manager to arrange access to NIPP.


If you already have access, go to the NIPP Data Files section which is directly below this section.


Please note that this information is confidential to BT and Communication Providers (CPs) with a Standard Interconnect Agreement and must not be disclosed to third parties.


NIPP Data Files Secure Icon

Below you can download individual NIPP data files.

National Service Migration Schedules & CP Forecast Templates Secure Icon

Below you can download the WBC Migration Schedules for individual sites to be migrated each month and details of the Communications Provider.

Planned Engineering Works Secure Icon

Find our Planned Engineering Works overview for the month.

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