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Mobile Backhaul

Explore the range of solutions, technologies and information we've developed specially for Mobile Operators.

A range of solutions designed specifically for you

These are based on years of experience of the needs of mobile networks. Our services stretch from concept to completion and beyond – including the optimisation of your mobile network.

And that’s not all. We’ve also got technology solutions, designed to ensure that your mobile network can respond rapidly to evolving customer needs.

SCF Award medallion for outstanding innovation in Small Cell Business Case

Winners of Small Cells World Forum Awards 2020 – “Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Business Case for Neutral Host, JOTS-based, virtualized in-building small cell solution”.

Street Connect 1G

With the growing demand of mobile bandwidth now and in the future, small cells is the technology of tomorrow. We’ve got the infrastructure and architecture in place to enable you to fill the gaps in your network, improve your speeds and give your customers the mobile connectivity they want.

Our solutions include:

  • Paving the way for 5G - 5G technologies will transform your ability to meet customer demands for higher speeds and greater bandwidth.
  • Small cells - our small cells portfolio provides the technology you need to meet future data rate demands and quality requirements.
  • Phase synchronisation - new technologies, along with increasing customer expectations, are placing new demands on mobile operators. We can help you with a network solution that delivers time and phase synchronisation with the performance and reliability the end user requires.
  • Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) - we’ll help you to meet increasing demand for network growth through faster speeds and greater capacity - and by migration to 5G. BT is developing Cloud hosting solutions to enable the deployment of virtualised network functions, in support of advanced, low latency, future architectures. This will enable you to more easily meet demands for increased flexibility, growth and capacity.
  • Shared Access - Initiatives including Shared Rural Network promoting cost effective utilisation of fibres assets.

Why BT Wholesale

Unrivalled coverage and reach

We invest £3.7bn in our network every year, to give you the best pricing and availability. Our core network is the largest in the UK, with Ethernet stretching from the Isles of Scilly to the Shetlands - so you can offer services wherever your customers are located.

A wide range of access options and services

We offer the UK’s largest range of access options, including 1Gbps & 10Gbps Ethernet Access Direct (EAD), EAD rugged, OSA Mobile, Data Centre Access and Exchange Connect. Partnering with use means you’ll always be able to meet your customers’ needs.

Connectivity you can trust

We go above and beyond our promises. In 2022, we achieved 99.9992% network availability. Only a tiny 0.06% of our Ethernet base reported a fault, and 97% of them were fixed well within our five-hour service-level agreement.

Wholesale Mobile Connect

Our Managed Ethernet Access Service (MEAS) has been highly successful in taking the mobile industry through its transition from TDM to Ethernet and 4G. 5G requires higher bandwidths and better synchronisation, which is where Wholesale Mobile Connect (WMC) meets the 5G demands. 


Timing is crucial to 5G, our Phase Synchronisation solution complies with all the industry standards. It is unique in that it is both nationally available and resilient, being backed by Caesium clocks. It removes complexity around upgrades and maintenance, avoids deployment challenges and has been built to be upgradable for the later stages of 5G where the synchronisation requirements become even stricter. It is unique in the market as the only network-based synchronisation solution, giving full coverage and protection against GNSS issues, like jamming.  

BT’s national aggregation network is enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) ready across 90% of the UK geography outperforming the required 10ms one-way latency target. With the addition of our Phase Synchronisation solution, we will make you 5G ready.


Our IP VPN services, supported by a national infrastructure built on BT’s state of the art 21C Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, already enable you to move traffic efficiently and effectively between sites and provides detailed performance reporting of your traffic as it traverses our network. With IP VPN you can apply Class of Service (CoS) markings to prioritise traffic according to importance – regardless of whether it is voice, video, data or any other IP traffic to be transported.  Robust reporting will offer a clear view of how the network is performing at the overall network level down to individual VLAN.

Our access options

We offer a massive choice of access options, which support a variety of customer needs - right up to 100Gbps. These include:

Etherway Fibre

Our most common access option. Using Ethernet Access Direct (EAD), it provides dedicated, uncontended, point-to-point data connectivity between sites at up to 10Gbps.


Data Centre Connect

Low cost, quick delivery, resilient core network access in a range of third-party UK datacentres, with port speeds up to 100Gbps.


Etherway Exchange Connect

An in-building handover if you have presence in the same exchange building as one of our enabled Ethernet nodes, offering port speeds of up to 100Gbps.


Optical Spectrum Access (OSA)

A flexible, cost-effective way to move very large amounts of data between two sites. A dedicated optical fibre link means a secure, always-on connection.

You can rely on

Our always-on network offers 99.999% target availability, backed by a five-hour, 24/7 fix SLA. BT's national aggregation network is enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) ready across 90% of the UK geography outperforming the required 10ms one-way latency target. With the addition of our Phase Synchronisation solution, we will make you 5G ready.


Talk to us about your needs

Discuss your business needs with one of our experts, and discover how we can help you find success.