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Delivering Ethernet has never been simpler

Explore tools and APIs that make working with us even easier

Whether you want to check Wholesale Ethernet pricing, place orders, flex bandwidth or report faults, you can self-serve through our online portals. And thanks to our range of digital tools and APIs, working with us is easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Getting started with Ethernet

You’ll need to onboard with us to access our extensive Wholesale Ethernet and Direct Internet Access (DIA) portfolio.

Speak to your account manager to get everything set up. You can then access all the documentation and support material on our website, and apply for our pricing tool and Business Zone applications.

Our online pricing tool

Our Wholesale Ethernet pricing tool lets you quote all our layer 2 and layer 3 Ethernet services, quickly and easily.

Raise quick quotes for different services

Create batch quotes for multiple sites

See details about all our special offer pricing where applicable

Understand any existing fibre and infrastructure at the installation location

Quote by postcode or drill into more detail for a specific address

Get indicative delivery category and expected lead times by site

See any indicative excess construction charges (ECCs) that may apply

View detailed route and fibre maps, and understand how the service will be connected

Manage orders and services in Business Zone

Our Business Zone portal is at the heart of our Ethernet portfolio. Once you have access you can:

Place orders

  • Raise new orders
  • Manage your existing networks, circuits and connections
  • Handle bandwidth changes and upgrades
  • Modify or cease your services if needed

Manage your services in-life

  • Get updates and track order status
  • Run inventory reports and see your network
  • Report and manage any service issues or faults
  • Receive updates and notifications about everything from outages to planned works that may affect service

Integrate with our systems using our Ethernet APIs

What is an API? Short for Application Programming Interface, it’s software that lets applications talk to each other.

APIs works quietly in the background and are used widely, including for apps like Google, Facebook and Uber. They play a vital role in digital transformation.

Find out why, when and how our APIs will make a difference to your ordering experience.


Talk to us about your needs

Discuss your business needs with one of our experts, and discover how we can help you find success.