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Future-proof your portfolio with FTTP

We’re constantly evolving our ethernet access portfolio and our latest addition is the launch of Wholesale Ethernet Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) - a full fibre connection from the premise to the nearest ethernet node.

What you’ll get

Your customers can get speeds of up to 1Gb, with ultra-low latency that never slows down, no matter how far they are from the exchange. Bandwidth is also uncontended, making it ideal for businesses that need to quickly access applications on the cloud, download and send large files or explore links to other sites. With speedy installs, flexible bandwidth, market-leading SLAs and coverage over 80,000 business premises already (and rapidly growing), why wouldn’t you take the leap towards a full fibre future?

Growing our reach to enable a Digital Britain

We’re committed to growing our FTTP coverage across the UK. We’re going to increase our coverage to business premises through investment from both ourselves and Openreach. So you can meet the changing needs of your customers as we transition to an all-IP world. 


It’s not just FTTP we’re committed to either. We’re constantly evolving our ethernet and broadband connectivity portfolios to meet the growing bandwidth demands of Digital Britain. So, whatever your customers need, we’ve got you covered.

The move towards FTTP gathers momentum

A new whitepaper, produced in conjunction with Philip Carse, Chief Analyst at Megabuyte, explores the growing FTTP opportunity for Channel Partners (CP’s). It looks at the changing face of the connectivity market as we move towards an all-IP world. It also explores the pressing need for Channel Partners to create an effective full fibre strategy and how they can add value to their businesses by selling FTTP connectivity solutions.

Benefits for you and your customers

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Flexible and scalable

Our wide range of FTTP bandwidth options means you can provide easy and quick bandwidth upgrades to meet the needs of your customers, today and in the future. And we’ll be launching even more bandwidth options soon.  Greater flexibility means you and your customers will have greater control in an all-IP world.

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Meet the need for speed

FTTP helps to future-proof your connectivity portfolio so you can meet your customers’ insatiable demand for bandwidth. With varying speed options of up to 1Gb, low latency and no degradation over distance, you can be confident that your customers are getting the speeds they need. 

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Quick delivery

It’s not just our speeds that are fast. It’s our installs too. We’ll aim to get your customers up and running in as quickly as five days*. 

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The network the UK relies on

We’re the only network in the UK to offer 99.999% availability. And with 3,000 security experts, it’s a network that protects your business. So, with FTTP, you can rely on us to be always on, always secure, and always there.

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The future-proof solution

With the 2025 switch off fast approaching and demand for bandwidth constantly growing, there’s never been a better time to future-proof your portfolio. We’re committed to driving a new chapter for Digital Britain by providing the expertise and solutions to help you and your customers transition to an all-IP future. 

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It’s easy to work with us

With over 1,700 experts on hand, including our professional services team, we’re ready to help you grow and tackle any challenge you may face with your customers. And if problems occur outside of anyone’s control, we’ll aim to get you back online as soon as possible. We’ve also made ordering and getting quotes super simple with our online pricing tool and APIs, so you have our latest updates and offers at your fingertips.

*5 days on existing ONT, 11 days on 2 Stage and KCI 2 assure. Exact lead time dependent on appointment availability.

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