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Streamlined Ethernet ordering

Ethernet ordering updates

We've transformed Ethernet ordering by providing a better and faster online process. We're now closing our legacy Eco Plus journeys for new orders of Etherway Fibre, Etherway Copper, Etherflow-Connected and related bundles on Sunday 14 May 2017.

All new orders of these products will need to be placed via Business Zone. Amend, Modify, Cancel and Cease orders will still be available via Eco Plus, but they will be shut down within the next 12 months. We encourage you to place orders through Business Zone whenever available as the journeys are much quicker and are compatible with modern browsers.

Benefits for users

  • Ease of use. Online ordering is faster and easier, due to an intuitive and more guided ordering experience. We’ve also made it easier for you to search for and enter information.
  • Less hassle. Commonly used options are pre-populated and validations are run up front, which again speeds up the order journey.
  • Saves time. Ordering is now much faster (the quickest time so far is under six minutes compared with about 40 minutes for Eco Plus), and there are fewer pages to navigate.

We're really pleased that the majority of our users are now placing orders through Business Zone. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive compared to Eco Plus. We'll continue to listen to your feedback to improve our order journeys even further.

A clear process

We've developed user guides and videos that will help you to quickly get to grips with the new process. These give a detailed explanation of how the process works, including the reasons for the improvements, the benefits, the pre-requisites for using the process, the orders that can be made and a typical order process. They also explain how to save an order and a template.

Watch our video guides in the section below or go to the bottom of this page to read our user guides.

Video Guides

Video - Placing an order
This is a short (five minute) video that goes through the steps of placing an order.


Video - Saving a Template
Similarly, this short video explains how to save an order template to speed up future orders.

The products (and combinations of products) that can be ordered via the new process include:

  • Etherway Fibre
  • Etherway Copper
  • Etherflow Connect
  • Bundle 10 (two Etherway Fibres and one Etherflow Connect)
  • Bundle 11 (one Etherway fibre and one Etherflow Connect)
  • Bundle 12 (one Etherway Copper and one Etherflow Connect)
  • Bundle 13 (one Etherway Fibre and two Etherflow Connects)

A new 'View details' journey that streamlines the progress of the order will also be available. Forthcoming developments include the ability to order Etherway copper and related bundles.


Video - View order journey
This short (five minute) video shows you the new 'Ethernet view order journey', making it easier for you to track the progress of an order, accept and reject actions and update KCI contacts.


Video - View asset journey
This short (five minute) video shows you the new 'view asset journey', helping you to view the details of your Ethernet assets.


Ethernet user guides

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