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Product Documentation

Find out about our Customer Service Plans (CSPs) and access other documentation for specific products and services in our portfolio.

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Interconnect Provisioning Manual

Find out about the Interconnect Provisioning Manual and download the Sections and Appendices.

Interconnect Provisioning Manual

The Interconnect Provisioning Manual directly supports the Standard Interconnect Agreement (SIA). It describes the activities jointly undertaken by BT and the Operator to

   •     Plan and agree interconnect arrangements
   •     Create capacity ordering profiles
   •     Create routing plans
   •     Place capacity orders
   •     Provide capacity
   •     Test capacity
   •     Bring the capacity into service
   •     Get traffic onto the capacity


Below you can find the Sections and Appendices that collectively comprise the Provisioning Manual.

Online appendices

Current appendices

Interconnect Testing Manuals

Learn about the testing requirements and download the manuals for Validation, Integration and Operational Testing.

Interconnect testing requirements are split into three phases:


   1.     Validation Testing (VT)
   2.     Integration Testing (IT)
   3.     Operational Testing (OT)
Which of these phases apply to your switch will depend on several factors. Section 4.3 of the Interconnect Provisioning Manual will explain the requirements or pre-requisites that apply for your switch.
Generally, VT and IT are only performed on unknown switch/build combinations (unknown means that the has not been previously connected to the BT Network under an Interconnect Agreement).
We advise that you work with your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to guide you through these procedures and to make sure you have completed all pre-requisites associated with interconnect testing.
The requirements for each testing phase are detailed in the manuals below.

Validation Testing

Validation Testing is performed by the Communication Provider (CP) or its switch supplier on unknown switches prior to Integration Testing. BT may be able to perform this testing on behalf of the CP, but charges will apply for this service (Your TAM can advise on this).

Interconnect Operations and Maintenance Manual

Find the Interconnect Operational and Maintenance Manual.

Operations and Maintenance Manual document

This manual relates to the Standard Interconnect Agreement and should be read in conjunction with the Interconnect Customer Service Plan.

ATM, DSL & PPC Handover Manuals

Includes the Provisioning Manual and the ATM and Partial Private Circuits (PPC) Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

Provisioning Manual

Virtual Interconnect Circuits documents

Includes the Product Description and Billing Manual.

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