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Access technical manuals and guides to help you develop Business-to-Business (B2B) gateways for managing orders and faults.

Introduction to B2B and XML API Gateways

Learn about the many benefits of B2B gateways and download an overview guide.

What is a B2B gateway and how does it work?


A B2B Gateway provides internet connectivity between business partner systems, which can link business processes in an end-to end value chain. This means that two systems are brought together, so BT Wholesale’s and your systems will be linked, providing a seamless ordering portal.


What will this mean for you?


Put simply, you’ll be able to save money, time and effort. No longer will you have to manually re-key your customers orders on to the BT Wholesale system. You won’t be left in the dark as to what your customers are ordering on the system and you won’t have to settle for slow processes.


With a B2B Gateway, these issues will be things of the past, as information can be exchanged between businesses with ease. You will have full visibility and tracking of your customers’ orders and the order process will be improved and simplified.


If you're new to B2B, download our B2B and Web Services Gateways Overview guide below.

21C Broadband and Ethernet Resources

Find B2B resources for Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC), Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC), Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Wholesale Ethernet.

B2B Template Solution Design, Business Process Specification (BPS) and XML Interface documents

The zip files below contain all of the WBC and FTTC XML documents for system releases. They are intended for Communication Provider technical teams responsible for designing and building B2B gateways.

20C Broadband Resources

Find B2B help for 20C Broadband products.

Lead to Cash (L2C)/Orders

20CN ordering is now via the B2B ebXML gateway. See the 21C Broadband Resources section above for the latest documentation.

Trouble to Resolve (T2R)/Faults

20CN T2R is now using 21CN schema and XMLs. See the B2B 21C Broadband Resources above for the latest documentation.

Common Applications

Find how to access resources to help you with the B2B and XML interfaces to support common applications for 21C and 20C Broadband, including Knowledge Based Diagnostics, Broadband Progress Reporting and the Broadband Availability Checker.

Knowledge Based Diagnostics (KBD)

For the B2B documentation for KBD, see the KBD  page.

Broadband Progress Reporting (BBPR)

For BBCR XML Interface Guide, see the BBPR section of the Broadband  page.

Broadband Availability Checker (BBAC)

For the BBAC and XML API documentation, see the Broadband Availability Checker page.

Partial Private Circuits – Faults & Diagnostic Tests

Find B2B resources for running diagnostic tests and raising faults, known as the T2R (Trouble to Resolve) process, for Partial Private Circuits (PPCs) and Leased Lines.

eCo Order XML User Guide

Access a guide to help you with eCo Order XML.

This user guide is designed to help you use the XML Interface to enter individual orders through automated transactions onto our eCo Order system and receive order progress updates.

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