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Versatile voice and data connectivity

Offer your larger business customers exceptional call quality, fast data transfer and the ability to create a wide area network (WAN), using high-performance ISDN30 connectivity.

Productive and flexible

Help your larger enterprise customers to communicate effectively, work more productively and increase their profitability with ISDN30. It gives them all of the benefits of a digital phone system, including crystal-clear voice-call quality and multi-line flexibility.

Benefits for you & your customers

Couple working at a desk.

A simple low risk solution

Our ISDN30 solution offers you an easy way to deliver enhanced voice and data connectivity to your customers. We manage the service so you don’t need to invest in network infrastructure or support resources.

Call centre worker on the phone

More efficient with you in control

ISDN30's instant connections enhance customer service and efficiency and customers can enjoy high-bandwidth applications (e.g. video conferencing, large file transfers).  You can sell the solution under your own brand and retain total control over your customer relationships.

Multi tasking across mulitple devices

Great multi-tasking & flexible

Your customers can have between eight and 30 separate lines, enabling them to perform different tasks simultaneously. Users can have multiple direct dial-in (DDI) numbers and separate numbers for different devices, plus lines can be combined for a higher bandwidth or to link offices via a WAN.

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