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Imagine the impact of not successfully delivering a project. Huge costs, effort and a drain on resources. And let’s not forget the resultant impact to customer satisfaction that is hard and expensive to recover from. With our project services, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

We give you various options to help you deliver your projects on time, on budget and to a high quality. Whether it’s outsourcing whole projects to us, creating a project office or providing you with specialist support, we’ve got you covered.

You wouldn’t believe it

Amazingly, despite increasing project managing maturity, only 40 per cent of projects are delivered on time, with only 36 per cent of projects delivering their full benefits. Yet 50 per cent of organisations are reporting a track record of success*. We don’t think that’s good enough and neither should you. So we want to make sure you succeed. And how do we do that? With our project services, a range of solutions designed to help you successfully deliver network projects.

Whether your projects are small or large, simple or complex, single or multiple, we’ll help you deliver them. We’ll help you win new contracts or help you deliver projects successfully, to achieve their objectives and ensure customer satisfaction.  We’ll free up time for your project managers to do what they do best, so you can save money, time, resources and leave your customers satisfied.

Let us do the leg work for you. We can make a real difference to the way you work.

*Source: "The State of Project Management Survey 2018, UK: Wellingtone PPM."

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Complete your projects on time with a little help from our project delivery experts

The easy way to manage projects or programmes

Our dedicated managers manage the delivery of your projects. If you’re struggling with peaks in demand, missing specific specialist skills or a lack of resources in the required locations, we can help you. Our expertise will boost your ability to successfully deliver a wide range of products, leveraging our extensive experience to your advantage.

Supporting your project team

We will integrate our proven capabilities with your business operations. This will enable you to enjoy a new confidence in the speed, delivery and quality of your network projects.

Make a difference to your project

We can provide the critical skills you need to deliver any project, no matter how difficult. Our support services enable you to provide those all-important finishing touches that make all the difference to a project.

Benefits for you

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Improved quality

With our services, you can tap into our extensive experience, our practices and our templates. And our project and programme managers will ensure a high quality delivery, on time and on budget – and with less project risk.

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Lower costs

Our methods and procedures ensure a consistent delivery, adding value whilst reducing costs. You’ll also save money through informed decision making and enhanced resource optimisation. 

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Access to expertise

We can provide specialist skills such as design and build engineers; Managed Install that helps your cash flow; optionally aligned with Managed Decommissioning to extract value from retiring equipment. Plus, Managed Order Desk or resident job controllers to simplify and maximise quality of bulk service provider change requests. 

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New opportunities

Our experts will help you fill in the gaps on any bids, resources, solutions and innovation, making sure you succeed in winning new contracts. We’ll then help you deliver them to your happy new customers.

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