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Introducing our APIs

A faster and easier way to do business.

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a piece of software that enables applications to talk to each other.

APIs are very common – they work in the background whenever you use apps such as Google, Facebook or Uber. And they’re a vital element of digital transformation.

Take a closer look at our APIs

Here’s a short video that explains everything you need to know about why, when and how our new APIs will make a difference to your ordering experience.


  • Without APIs, you can waste time, effort and money with unnecessary issues such as manual and double-key entries. In a recent survey, API management came out as a key priority for customers’ digital transformation strategies*.

    *Source: Omdia 2021 ICT eEnterprise Insights - UK telecoms (fixed, mobile, cable)

  • With our APIs, you can fulfil orders from your systems and pass orders to ours. Your customers can order directly from your digital marketplace. All of our APIs comply with TeleManagement Forum (TMF) standards.

  • With APIs, ordering is faster, easier and cheaper - for both you and your customers. So it’ll be even easier to do business with us. The APIs will also give you better order management and in-life management.

  • Our APIs are free to use and we don’t charge for integration. However, you’ll first need your own digital marketplace. To create it, you’ll need to build the front-end app/interface.

  • So far, we’ve launched APIs for Broadband One, Ethernet and Hosted Communications. Others will follow in the future. 

Explore our APIs

Streamline your ordering experience with our Broadband One, Ethernet and Hosted Communications APIs.