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By working hand in hand with BT Wholesale and Wavenet, have an inside track to data networking success.


The challenge

Wavenet were looking to expand their product and service offering.


The solution

A BT Wholesale solution consisting of a blend of products. 


The results

A more responsive service and stronger portfolio.

The challenge

The Solihull-headquartered firm is doubling down to chase the booming market for digital communications and hosted services. Their vision is to empower their customers by offering a choice of products at the most competitive prices. That way, their customers have greater differentiation backed by Wavenet’s expert knowledge.

The solution

Wavenet unifies all the leading providers under one roof including BT Wholesale. It’s emblematic of the sort of partner set to prosper in the coming years as more companies digitise and make broadband the platform for voice and data services.


We’re helping drive success together with scalable solutions, particularly in hosted voice, ethernet and broadband services aimed at UK business customers across all sectors.

BT has helped us as we’ve seen demand for hosted voice traffic increase.

Antony Black
Director of Wholesale, Wavenet

The results

Antony Black’s appointment to Wavenet, along with the BT Wholesale partnership has made a big impact already and has been instrumental in bringing together services and helping partners to exceed expectations with portfolio strength and responsive service.

The future of our partnership

Ann-Marie Taggart, BT Wholesale account manager said: “Wavenet are really set up for growth. Armed will the full suite of Voice, Hosted, Data and Cloud products, they’re uniquely placed to help customers make the transition from TDM to IP with a truly converged offer. The team are passionate and experienced. Three of their last acquisitions have been existing partners, which provides a tangible incentive for new partners.”


Antony is particularly enthused by what he calls the “game-changing” ISDN replacement cycle as a way to increase success amongst his partners. “Customers have to move to a more data-centric model with hosted voice as a service for internal and external communications,” he says.


“We can help them to do that and capitalise on the change with BT’s Centrex SIP products. We’re moving from offering a less commoditised sale and towards a more consultative approach, with value-added services like call recording and analytics. It’s all about us focusing on bringing together services so partners can focus on building the right solutions for each of their customers.” 

An effective partnership

In a recent collaboration, BT Wholesale supported Wavenet, who won a competitive bid and successfully delivered hosted SIPT for Cambridge Assessment Centre. It needed to configure 2000 numbers on its portal. It specifically wanted to limit any downtime to the weekend. Typically, ports are not supported out of hours, and when they are, they’re notoriously difficult to manage. This meant we corroboratively needed to complete the job over the weekend for the project to be successful. BT’s professional services team joined with Wavenet to address this. They managed and configured the ports on a Saturday, which meant no downtime in business hours for the Cambridge Assessment Centre.

What’s next for Wavenet?

A state-of-the-art new office in Solihull has helped to accommodate Wavenet’s ongoing growth. They relocated in May to the high-tech facility on an established campus, strategically located at the heart of the UK. They’ve also just relaunched their website and portal. With expansion plans like this, Wavenet are showing their ambitions to be a true twenty-first century solutions provider in partnership with BT Wholesale.


Over the next few years, Wavenet plan to double its revenues. By working closely with BT, they can ride the waves of growth in the market and offer their customers the right solution at a competitive price.



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Organisation size

Medium (50 – 999 employees)


Customer business size

Small (6 - 50 employees)

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Why BT? Well, they have a fully integrated service so it’s easy to do business with them. The products are established, they’re commercially competitive and they have the biggest network footprint.

Antony Black
Director of Wholesale, Wavenet

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