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Five ways we’re helping channel partners keep ethernet customers happy

Paul Beacham, Senior Manager, Data Networking at BT Wholesale 

We’ve now made it even easier to keep your customers happy. As they embark on their digital transformation journeys, it’s important to consider how to help them navigate their connectivity options.

We’ve evolved our Ethernet services in a multitude of ways to ensure that we can help you do this seamlessly. Therefore, keeping customer satisfaction high and empowering you to grow your business.


Efficiency and automation

Automation streamlines processes and removes some of the steps that users might take to find a solution. That’s why we’ve automated our pricing tool and used Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to make it simpler, easier and faster to go from quotes to orders – as well as get estimated delivery lead times.

APIs underpin digital transformation strategies for partners because they enable applications to talk to each other and make processes more efficient. They make life easier for your customers to use your website and portal as a one-stop shop. This is done by direct link from your system to ours without additional manual intervention and cost.

For instance, our API capabilities include an order tracker so you can access the latest updates directly into your systems. They also provide automated self-serve ordering right up to and including 1Gb Ethernet. We publish the order category of the circuit you are quoting, along with the estimated delivery lead time, so you can set expectations with customers upfront. This reduces the time customers spend on the platform and product management costs, by providing a truly digital experience.

Ultimately, our APIs provide you with more control over your sales and can significantly reduce your operational costs.


Better, faster delivery

Our quick digital ordering systems mean it now takes less time for you to deliver solutions, significantly shortening the customer journey. It also removes the need for repeat handling and therefore the opportunity for manual errors.

What’s more, by integrating our systems with Openreach’s, orders can flow straight through an automated digital experience. We can deliver circuits faster than anyone else and provide automated network validation within minutes. 93% of all our Ethernet orders are delivered within 34 working days.

For higher bandwidth orders, up to 10GB, we have prebuilt capacity ahead of demand, so we are always one step ahead. We aren’t stopping there either; we are continuing to invest and expand our geographic footprint so you can provide your customers with better coverage and lower costs. This evolving capability sits alongside our dedicated Ethernet service agents and managed services which means that we can supply all the ingredients to make customers happy.


Service you can rely on

BT Wholesale prides itself on our resilient network. Reliable connectivity is the foundation of our Ethernet services, and upon which all services rely.

Don’t just take our word for it, statistics demonstrate that we consistently deliver excellent service levels; our network is the most reliable in the UK with an availability of 99.9997%.

Furthermore, in December 2021, the average repair duration from logging fault for our wholesale Ethernet circuits was just 85 minutes.  Also, 98% of all Ethernet incidents have been resolved within our five-hour SLA. No other supplier can offer you the kind of selling power and flexibility that’s built into our solution.


Easier renewals

We’ve listened to your feedback and made it quicker and easier to renew Ethernet circuits. You can now log in to the Business Zone and renew an Ethernet circuit within a couple of minutes – something that used to take days.

We’ve built flexibility into the heart of our processes. Now you can amend pricing, contract terms, and bandwidth levels at the point of renewal. Three months before your customer’s contract expires, you can also quote and renew an Ethernet circuit. This means that you can sell with confidence and provide all-around value as well as the exact solution your customer needs.


Greater customer satisfaction

Our Ethernet services have been rated highly by customers, with a Net Promoter Score of 74 out of 100 - anything above 70 is considered to be excellent.

The consistent performance of our network makes it the ideal foundation for voice and cloud services. With the PSTN network set to close in 2025, your customers will be looking to you to provide the hosted services they need, and a network that they can depend on.

From a new pricing tool and APIs providing a truly digital-first experience to our rapid and reliable network, we consistently deliver excellence. So it’s now easier to make your Ethernet customers happy.

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