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5 ways we’re helping you with Ethernet

Discover how we’re making it faster and easier to boost your customers’ bandwidth

To help you make the most of your wholesale Ethernet opportunities, we’ve transformed the way you work with us, making it easier, faster and more efficient.

A simpler way to order

Thanks to our pricing tool and pricing API, it’s simple to create quotes and orders. And as well as the order category of circuits, you’ll get an estimated delivery lead time. You can use this to set expectations with your customers, make sure you meet those expectations and bill for services faster. 

You can also use our pricing tool and API to see the availability of different solutions. That can help you find your customers alternative services, where they’re available. 


A digital-first experience

When you order, you can use our online Business Zone portal, or you can connect your system to ours, through our standards-based APIs. In either case, you benefit from automated self-service ordering, right up to 1Gb Ethernet, including capacity checks.

Our online, digital order journeys are quicker and more efficient than legacy methods. And thanks to order validation, they remove the risk of manual errors and the need for repeat handling.

Upgrading has been streamlined too. You can self-serve up to 1Gb online via Business Zone, helping you to save even more time.

Better, faster delivery

We consistently deliver solutions faster. Recent figures show we delivered 94% of all our Ethernet orders within 33 days*. To help us achieve these turnaround times, we’ve integrated our systems with Openreach’s, so we can provide network validation in minutes, instead of days.

You can get Ethernet solutions to your customers even faster by taking our managed services and customer premises equipment. Let us carry some of the load, by configuring and installing kit on your behalf.

Service you can rely on

Our Ethernet services offer you reliability and peace of mind. With availability of 99.9997%, our network is there when you need it, with just four seconds of downtime a month*. That’s not even noticeable to your customers, thanks to our backhaul resilience and mesh network topology.

Add to that powerful diagnostic tools via an intuitive portal and an average repair duration of just 41 minutes*. It’s no wonder we get consistently high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Easy, fuss-free renewals

Renewing Ethernet circuits is now easier and faster than ever. Log into Business Zone, and you can renew a circuit in a couple of minutes, rather than a matter of days. That means you can give your customers same-day quotes and get their renewed services up and running sooner.

Not only can you do this up to three months before their contract ends, but we’ve also built flexibility into our renewals. As well as being able to switch bandwidth up or down, you can tweak contract length and bandwidth. This is great for taking control of your revenue and reducing customer churn. 

You can count on us

We have the most reliable network in the UK, as our Ethernet performance figures show.*


99.9997% service availability.

41-minute average repair time for Ethernet faults.

98% of faults are cleared within our five-hour SLA.

Quicker turnaround

Thanks to automation and streamlined ordering processes, we’ve reduced how long it takes to serve your customers.*


94% of orders are delivered within 33 working days.

*Year to date, September 2021.

3 days is all we add to Openreach’s delivery dates.

5 days is our quickest delivery for a Cat 1.1.

Check out our Ethernet infographic

We’ve put together a handy overview of how we’re helping you to deliver Ethernet faster and more easily. 

Make life easier with our APIs

We’ve built a range of APIs to make working with us easier and more efficient. By connecting your systems to ours, you can streamline your ordering process and avoid issues like manual and double-key entries.

Give your customers a boost

Get to know our range of Ethernet connectivity options. Find out how they’re cost effective, flexible and ready for the future.