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Grow your business the right way

Learn more about our commitment to a more sustainable industry.

Building a future that works for everyone

Right across the channel, sustainability and net zero targets are gaining momentum. But businesses like yours need the right partner and support to build a greener industry while finding new opportunities for commercial growth.


That’s why we’re committed to sustainability. We’re changing the way we work to create a better future not just for our business but for yours, your people and the planet.

Key dates in our green timeline

March 2030

  • Help customers avoid 60m tonnes of CO2e
  • March 2030 Target date to be a fully circular business

March 2031

  • When we aim to have become a net zero business

March 2040

  • Target to have a circular tech and telco ecosystem

March 2041

  • Aim to reach net zero across our supply chain and customers

A manifesto for sustainable change

We’ve been a leader in climate action for more than 30 years, and sustainability is written right into our company manifesto. We aim to accelerate growth through technology that’s responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

Supporting greener ways of working

Our growing investment in full fibre broadband and 5G will help pave the way for lower-carbon ways of working.

Being part of a circular economy

We’re stepping up the repair, refurbishment and recycling of legacy technology, with the aim to be fully circular by 2030.

Decarbonising our business

100% of the electricity we use in our premises is generated by renewable sources, and we aim to convert most of our fleet to electric or zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

Helping you stay on target

Work with us to reduce emissions across your own business and supply chain. Our sustainable solutions let you operate at pace and scale while minimising your environmental impact.

Why sustainability matters

Demand for connectivity and digital services is growing. We need to be ready to reduce the environmental impact of that demand. That means taking real, decisive action.


of companies have been found ‘greenwashing’, exaggerating or misrepresenting their green credentials.1


metric tonnes of e-waste will be generated worldwide by 2030.2


of global energy use will come from ICT by 2050.3

Navigating sustainability and the road to net zero in the channel

Find out what Sarwar Khan, Global Head of Sustainability at BT, thinks about the importance of sustainability and the key pillars of accountability.

Ready to do your part?

Speak to us today about how to operate your business more responsibly and sustainably.