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The first for innovation

We’ve been at the core of the telecoms and communications industry since it started. We were the UK’s first provider of a full fibre network and completed the first commercial-grade quantum test network. We’re Britain’s first for innovation. Whether it’s creating new products for you to enable your business to grow, or helping teach tech to kids around the world, we’re the first to deliver many new services.

The fastest for speed

The finest for investment

We can’t advance technology without making the right investments. So that’s what we do. In 2018/19 we invested around £2 billion into our network. Over the last ten years, we’ve contributed the most to R&D in the UK telecoms market. We’re investing in our network all the time. In fact, in the average day*:

By the time you have brushed your teeth, we have invested £7,610.

By the time you have finished your breakfast, we have invested £129,376.

By the time you have finished your shower, we have invested £30,441.

In the time it takes you to get ready, we’ve invested £178,843.

By the time you’ve had a cup of tea, we’d have invested £19,026.

Another £190,259 would have been invested by the time you’ve commuted to work.

*figures based on BT average investment of £2bn in 2018/19 working out at roughly £3,805.18 a minute

The future

We continue to invest, innovate and invigorate the market. Whether it’s helping you prepare for PSTN closure, deciding which products are right for you or improving our customer experience – we make sure we’re the first, fastest and finest to do so.

TCO Calculator

We’re building a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator so that you can work out exactly how much we can benefit your bottom line over your existing supplier. Sometimes choosing the cheapest option seems like the smarter business decision. But short-term savings can end up costing you in the long run. Speak to your account manager to request a demo.

Prepare for PSTN closure

As 2025 looms, your customers are looking to you for the hosted services they need to thrive. And we can help you deliver them. Now’s the time to move from voice to cloud and we’ve got a range of hosted services to complement your portfolio.

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