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PSTN is closing. Are you prepared?

When the PSTN network closes in 2025, your customers will be looking to you to provide them with the hosted services they need to succeed. If you’re already providing hosted services but are suffering from a disjointed supply chain, a lack of channel support or want a one-stop shop for all your hosted needs, then look no further. And if you haven’t added hosted to your portfolio yet, don’t wait until 2025. We’ll help you get started today to take advantage of the opportunities hosted brings. 

A licence to thrill

Did you know that our Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC) service comes in a range of licences, including our entry level offering, WHC Foundation? So everyone from an ambitious start-up to a huge industrial can benefit from our tailored solutions. 

But what are the advantages of using our WHC solution right now? 

You’re not yet on a hosted platform but are tempted

  • Old phone systems are closing and your customers will be looking to you to take them to the future. With WHC you can go for an entry-level solution and then scale up as your customers discover all the benefits and perks you’ll be able to offer. 
  • Entry level access to IP voice with WHC Foundation. With this option, your customers will benefit from simple PSTN features, giving them a sense of familiarity as they accustom to cloud services. From there, the only way is up.
  • Opportunity is rife at the moment. Your competitors will be looking to get businesses to take up their hosted services. So why not get ahead of the game and offer a solution that comes from a trusted partner, with cutting-edge security and all the support they need.
  • We make it easy. We don’t want the migration process to be difficult for you or your customers, so we’ll do it for you instead. In five simple steps, we’ll assess your customer’s existing equipment, design a solution, set it up and decommission the old one.
  • As you take your customers to IP telephony, we’ll be there to help all parties involved. We’ll hold your hand (and theirs), ensuring everyone understands what’s going on, when it happens and how to utilise the new systems properly. We’ll also provide you with marketing resources and support so you can continue to promote your services.

If you’re already on a hosted platform

  • Then you’ve taken the first step towards the all IP world, but perhaps you’re looking for more. Is your system as reliable, scalable and secure as you want it to be? We pride ourselves on offering everything you need to keep businesses running and free from fraud.
  • Can you meet all your customers’ needs? Or are you kind of making a service fit? Our portfolio is big but it serves everyone from major corporates to one-man-bands. We believe the all IP world should include everyone, so we’ve developed hosted voice services for basic PSTN-like requirements and mobile phone users.
  • How easy is it to deliver the solution your customer needs? There are loads of great products out there, but when you work with multiple suppliers there are more potential points of failure and more indirect cost from administration. We are a one-stop-shop. Everything from equipment through to apps, software, security and managed services.
  • What’s the roadmap for the platform? Do you get a say in it? We really do invest for our partners to grow. We put millions in to our hosted voice services each year. We share our roadmap with our resellers, and when they ask for something that sounds like a great idea, we build it.
  • The market is moving and it’s moving fast. Things are going to change massively when we move to all IP – do you know what your suppliers are planning to do? We’ve been doing telecommunications since 1878 and we’re not going anywhere. You can buy from us with the confidence that there will be no disruption in your services at the point of PSTN closure.

Ready to begin?

Contact your account manager or contact us using the details below and get the ball rolling. And don’t forget to check out our WHC page and blogs from our team to learn more about how we want to help. 

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The perfect combination

Centrex and SIPT in one? Can it be done? Yes. And it has. Meet your customers needs with WHC and prepare them for an all-IP world.

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A partner for the all IP world

Why are we your best partner for moving to an all IP world? Grab a drink, take a seat and have a read as we explain all.

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