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Broadband One Legacy Migrations for
BT Wholesale customers

BT Wholesale customers


Product comparison


The product comparison highlights the key differences between the Legacy Plusnet platform and Broadband One.


If you migrate to Broadband One, how will it work? And what will it mean for your customers? In this guide, we’ll answer some of the most important questions related to the transition, so you can take the next step with confidence. 

  • The platform your broadband lines are hosted on is going to close down. It’s being replaced by a brand-new service called Broadband One, supplied by BT Wholesale. We’re replacing the platform so it’s fit for purpose for the future and ready for our customers as they start thinking about digital transformation and how it can benefit their business.

  • Yes, with a few minor exceptions. Broadband One supports like-for-like migrations of ADSL, VDSL (FTTC), Gfast (FTTC) and FTTP services. All Broadband One products are unlimited in terms of their download allowance, which may differ from the product you’re moving from. These exceptions can be discussed with your migration manager. 

  • To minimise complexity, the migration process only allows like-for-like migrations. Once your assets are active with Broadband One, you’ll be able to modify your portfolio at your convenience. 

  • Yes, Broadband One will be retaining all existing router configuration and IP addressing. Existing customer-premises equipment (CPE) will continue to work seamlessly. Any exceptions will be discussed with your migration manager. 

  • Broadband One has its own portal for creating and managing orders, and raising tickets in the event of faults. Once an end user has been migrated, the asset will cease to exist on the old platform and will need to be managed through the new Broadband One portal. 

  • Yes, there will be a variety of training materials and how-to guides to help users get familiar with the portal. This will all be made available to you before your migration begins. 

  • Yes. But the reports available through Broadband One will only relate to Broadband One assets. You’ll need to continue using the existing platform to view users who have yet to migrate. 

  • No. Like-for-like migrations will not require an engineer visit. Any exceptions can be discussed with your migration manager. 

  • If you currently take a PSTN service with Legacy Plusnet broadband, then we’ll migrate both services together. Where the PSTN is provided by a third party (not part of your existing arrangement with BT), it will remain with that provider. 

  • Typically, there will be a short outage at the point where the migration order completes and applies a new configuration to the network reflecting the new Service Identifier. 

  • Your migration to Broadband One will be accompanied by a new commercial agreement. You will be contacted by your BT Wholesale account manager to discuss the details prior to any migration taking place. 

  • While we hope you do wish to migrate your services to Broadband One, we will be unable to support your existing services beyond your notice period. Your services will have to be migrated to an alternative provider or ceased by the platform closure date written in your initial notice letter. 

  • If you’re currently using Plusnet Partner mail servers, you will be required to switch your mail to a different server before migration. Broadband One does not support mail relay, so any change away from Plusnet Partner mail servers will have to be to a third-party provider.

Additional information


Product handbook


The product handbook provides all the information you need about products available on Broadband One. To access the handbook, please follow this link (currently available for existing BT Wholesale customers only) - Broadband One - Products & services | BT Wholesale


Broadband One customer service plan


The customer service plan outlines information about the Broadband One service desk, available care levels and escalations. 

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Broadband One Datasheet


The datasheet provides information about how Broadband One can suit your business needs.


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