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Preparing for the future

We partnered with Rainbow Communications to help it move its portfolio to the cloud to better suit its customers’ needs and grow its business.

The challenge

To adapt and advance Rainbow’s solutions portfolio to address new markets while protecting its customer base through empowering them with mobile, web-based comms, developing services and flexible working.

The solution

IP Voice Services enabled the initial shift to cloud-based solutions, with the Wholesale Hosted Centrex providing further flexibility over legacy solutions.

The results

An immediate appetite from customers for hosted technologies, leading to an uplift in revenue and new subscriptions

The challenge


The challenge


Rainbow were already delivering an excellent service to their customer base, but they knew they needed to do more. In a competitive environment, Rainbow needed to adapt to address new markets, attract new customers, and fight off competition. That’s where BT Wholesale came in. 

Meeting customer needs
Rainbow’s customers wanted mobile, web-based comms, as well as developing services and flexible working. With a large customer base, Rainbow knew it needed to improve so it could help move its customers forward. 


David Beatty, Rainbow’s director of technical sales, told us: “Our customers are relying on us to advise them on the best technologies and they trust BT Wholesale to advise us to get it right. Our customers have confidence that their technology is being run by a global operator, who can look ahead for them and evolve and adapt as new technologies are developed. They don’t need to worry because they know they’re in safe hands.” 

Why BT Wholesale
Though we already had a strong relationship with Rainbow, it did consider other providers to deliver the solutions. But our reputation and reliability, combined with our world-renowned technology, meant that we were the obvious choice to satisfy Rainbow’s end customers, as David Beatty explains. 

“Confidence in BT Wholesale’s ability was key. Our customers need to be reassured that the underlying supplier is going to be there for the long haul. BT Wholesale has a long standing in the industry and that absolutely reassures customers,” he said.

Rainbow Communications

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Organisation size

Medium (50 – 999 employees)


Customer business size

Small(6 - 50 employees)


Products and Services

IP Voice Services (IPVS)

Wholesale Centrex (WHC)

Training and tools

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“Our customers are relying on us to advise them on the best technologies and they trust BT Wholesale to advise us to get it right”

The solution


The solution


From the outset we worked hard to understand Rainbow’s needs and the requirements of its customers. From providing the technologies to help it move to the cloud, to giving staff the training and tools they needed to succeed, we were there every step of the way. 


Move to the cloud
Rainbow wanted to diversify and understood the need to move to the cloud. IP Voice Services (IPVS) empowered the initial shift along with signing up for Wholesale Centrex (WHC). We were also able to share our knowledge when it came to moving away from legacy technologies. 

We helped Rainbow to switch off legacy customer portals and replace them with in-house portals, as well as developing a specific script that took a snapshot of systems to reduce downtime between the platforms over the transition. 


Training and support
In the six weeks it took to establish the service, we trained the sales teams and gave them the tools they really needed. We also trained the wider team about the packages and affiliate tools: from configuring site features to integration with third party applications such as Salesforce and Skype for Business.

And it’s not just staff training and education, with BT helping across other initiatives, as David Beatty says: “They’ve helped us with events in Belfast to educate customers which in turn helped emphasize the message with the sales team. This support made our sales team feel more comfortable and confident. But it wasn’t just in sales. Our engineering team was supported by the BT technical team as we moved from traditional technologies to the cloud.”

With them every step
Throughout the process, the strength of the relationship between BT and Rainbow has been obvious. We worked closely with Rainbow at every step, offering reassurance, support and expertise. It’s this partnership and the ability to work together, amplified by the services we provided and how we communicate the next steps in the process, that have helped Rainbow experience success. 

David Beatty said: “BT Wholesale helped us to understand the new technologies and gave us the insight into where we needed to be in the future. They gave us a roadmap to look ahead and to be in the right place at the right time.” ” 

Products and services used



Voice Services

From transit and conveyance to wholesale calls and IP Exchange, our range of voice services is the largest in the UK.



More about Voice Services

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Wholesale Centrex

This cloud, IP-based, PBX telephony solution replaces an onsite PBX, so you can move customers from onsite deployment to a cloud solution.


More about Wholesale Centrex

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Training and tools

Our sales tools and training services will enable you and your staff to sell more, increase revenue and grow your business.



More about Training and tools


The results

The results


Revenue growth was an obvious key indicator of success, but the sales team also saw an immediate appetite from customers for hosted over legacy technologies. 


Now subscriptions are on the up and the company is focused on its cloud strategy. 


David Beatty believes the success was due to the “true partnership” between us and Rainbow. He said: “they invest time in our business. This in turn has kept the energy and motivation levels high across our teams.” 



“BT Wholesale is also realistic. They don’t over-sell or push technologies but are always cementing what is right for us and for our customers. They’ve lived this experience with us, we’ve learned from each other and we’ve both developed throughout.”

David Beatty, Director of technical sales, Rainbow Communications

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