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Find out exactly how much you and your customers could be saving with our TCO calculator. It's easy to use; simply input your figures, move the tabs to change the calculations and get results in real time.

How much revenue could you be billing earlier?

Delivery lead times (optional fields)

BT's average time to install

(Note: Our latest pricing API (v5) has on net flags to enable you to make better informed decisions ahead of order)

Competition (non BT) average time to install

Days BT deliver quicker than the competition

Customer information (required*)

How much revenue (per annum) does the average customer solution you sell generate?*

(Connectivity is the enabler - full solution cannot bill until circuit is in)

On average, how many Ethernet circuits does your business sell each month?*

Average time your provisioning team spends chasing delivery of Ethernet circuits*

Hourly wage of Ethernet provisioning agent*

Does the competition still look cheaper?

What about reliability? Have you considered the cost of downtime to your business/reputation?

Use our Downtime Calculator Get in touch

Do you know the financial impact of circuits ceased due to poor service performance?

Use this calculator to measure the projected financial impact which downtime could have:

  1. On your business as a connectivity provider
  2. On your customers/end users
Cost of downtime to you as a connectivity provider (required*)

Number of Ethernet circuits in your customer base today*

Average annual revenue from Ethernet solution*

Average customer contract term*

% of circuits lost due to poor service/outages*

Projected financial impact/loss of revenue from recurring outages

Also consider intangible factors - such as impact to brand/reputation

Cost of downtime to an end user's business (required*)

This section is useful for those end users who utilise their connectivity to generate revenue i.e. take card payments, carry web traffic etc.

Annual revenue which is dependent on the connectivity (end user)*

Hours connectivity used per week/hours of trading*

Volume of downtime experienced from your alternative supplier (non BT)

BT uptime SLA
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Loss of revenue due to downtime

Yearly revenue/Yearly business hours x Total outage hours

Potential downtime saving by buying BT Wholesale

Intagible factors - reputation

BT uptime SLA
  • Daily0.9 seconds
  • Weekly6.0 seconds
  • Monthly0.4 minutes
  • Yearly5.3 minutes
Availability Comparison Table
Availability Downtime per year Downtime per month Downtime per week Downtime per day
99.999% 5 min 15.6 seconds 26.3 seconds 6 seconds 0.9 seconds
99.997% 15 min 46.7 seconds 1 min 18.9 seconds 18.1 seconds 2.6 seconds
99.995% 26 min 11.7 seconds 2 min 11.5 seconds 30.2 seconds 4.3 seconds
99.993% 36 min 49 seconds 3 min 4.1 seconds 42.3 seconds 6 seconds
99.990% 52 min 35.7 seconds 4 min 23 seconds 1 min 0.5 seconds 8.6 seconds
99.98% 1 hour 45 min 11.4 seconds 8 min 45.9 seconds 2 min 1 second 17.3 seconds

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Estimated net savings when you purchase Ethernet from BT Wholesale.

Estimated savings due to faster installation.

Estimated savings in staff costs chasing service delivery.

Estimated value of improved service performance by partnering with BT Wholesale.

Estimated Net Saving =

per year

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