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Explore the range of solutions, technologies and information we've developed specially for Mobile Operators 

We’ve developed a range of solutions and business opportunities that are designed specifically for you. These are based on years of experience of the needs of mobile networks. Our services stretch from concept to completion and beyond – including the optimisation of your mobile network.

And that’s not all. We’ve also got technology solutions, designed to ensure that your mobile network can respond rapidly to evolving customer needs. And last but not least, we’ve developed some helpful documents that provide insights into developing a 5G-ready network.

Our solutions include:

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  • Paving the way for 5G – 5G technologies will transform your ability to meet customer demands for higher speeds and greater bandwidth. However, the transition won’t be easy, as there are many different aspects to consider. We’ve therefore produced some useful documents that will help you in your journey towards 5G. These include a handy infographic and a detailed whitepaper called 'Mobilising the outdoor small cells market'.
  • Next generation access – we can help you to transform customer engagement by integrating voice and data services
  • Small cells – our small cells portfolio provides the technology you need to meet future data rate demands and quality requirements
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  • Phase synchronisation - new technologies, along with increasing customer expectations, are placing new demands on mobile operators. We can help you with a network solution that delivers time and phase synchronisation with the performance and reliability the end user requires. For more information read our latest White Paper - "Timing: a critical issue for mobile networks"
  • Sites and assets – our many site assets (such as phone boxes, rooftops, telegraph posts and lamp posts) can provide an infrastructure for small cells
  • Cloud radio access network (C-RAN) – we’ll help you to meet increasing demands for network growth through faster speeds and greater capacity – and by migration to 5G

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  • Data centres – we can offer you data centres that are robust, future-proof and can be fully integrated, with a wide variety of solutions
  • Rapid response vehicle and continuity – our fleet of vehicles and suite of solutions can be deployed rapidly for emergency mobile coverage and planned capability
  • Managed professional services – our cost-effective managed services will help to transform your network performance and quality
  • Managed transmission deployment – our skilled transmission and deployment engineers can also help to track and resolve standard transmission blockers
  • Retail stores – we’ve developed a one-stop-shop of innovative solutions for Mobile Operators’ retail stores.

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