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Discover Wholesale Optical

High-performance, resilient connectivity for business-critical services.

Why optical?

When you need the lowest latency and the highest bandwidth, optical connectivity is the answer. Used to build point-to-point solutions and core networks, it offers speeds of up to 100Gbps – with 400Gbps coming soon.

Whether your customers work with ultra-high-definition TV or need a datacentre interconnect for cloud services, optical delivers. It offers transparency to higher layer protocols, along with dedicated bandwidth with no contention. That means high-performance, resilient connectivity so networks can deliver business-critical services.

Respond to your customers’ needs

Many of your customers will benefit from Wholesale Optical, especially those that need high-bandwidth, low-latency solutions for applications including:

  • Core infrastructure for fixed and mobile communication providers.
  • Aggregation and backhaul for FTTP, internet and cloud-based applications.
  • Storage replication and cross-site virtualisation​ for datacentres.
  • Real-time transmission of UHD and 4K multimedia and TV.
  • Mission-critical applications in public and private sector organisations.

An optical network you can rely on

Our always-on network offers 99.999% target availability, backed by a five-hour, 24/7 fix SLA. It’s also part of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure, meaning it’s considered necessary for the country to function.

As well as being highly resilient, it offers capacity ahead of demand, giving you and your customers choice, scalability and connectivity – without compromises.

National coverage

Our network of optical fibre routes and diverse routing options means we can deliver high-bandwidth connectivity to any part of the country. And so can you.

Download our interactive coverage map to see our planned and future coverage.

Designed for resilience

Extensive coverage also makes our network the ideal choice when resilience and the highest levels of availability are needed.

We can offer diversity and separacy, and our design team will ensure the optimal solution for your business-critical needs.


Future-proofing a TV broadcast network

Using Wholesale Optical, we helped a major TV company to future-proof its network. Faced with a growing audience and increasing use of digital formats for broadcasts and streaming, it was looking for a digital IP solution that could keep up with the demand.

Over 18 months, we worked together to design and build an optical network offering:

  • A massive 4.7Tbps of capacity
  • A core network of nearly 3,000 video and audio circuits
  • More than 700 data circuits

The project included installing new resilient Wholesale Optical circuits to several of the customer’s sites across the UK, and fitting new equipment to connect its services to the new network.

Get ahead of your competition

The high capacity of Optical is just part of our growing range of connectivity solutions. You can also tap into the simplicity of SoGEA or the flexibility of full fibre. We’re also upgrading the network to be 400Gbps ready too. It’s a portfolio that’s second to none. One you can use to deliver what your customers need today – and want in the future.

Fast track to 400Gbps Wholesale Optical

Wholesale Optical will soon offer bandwidths up to 400Gbps. Your customers will never need to worry about digital traffic getting in a jam, and thanks to our 99.999% uptime target and our SLAs, you get ultra-reliable service too.

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