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Go Bigger

There’s more network traffic than ever. And the need for larger bandwidths will only continue to increase. Given that 61% of telecoms organisations see digital transformation as a priority for their customers. 


Now is the time to lead your own digital transformation and grow with the demand. That’s where Wholesale Optical comes in.


Unleash the power of Wholesale Optical

Up to a massive 200Gb. That’s what our biggest and best bandwidth connectivity solution can deliver. It’s part of our high bandwidth connectivity portfolio and is the only one to offer 40Gb and 200Gb options.


Digital traffic is growing exponentially, this creates huge opportunities for you. To add value to existing customers, attract new ones, be future-ready – and respond quickly to customer needs. It’s also completely tailored, from the route through our network, to the exceptional levels of resilience we build into the system. 

Respond to your customers’ needs

Many of your customers will benefit from Wholesale Optical. Especially those who want high-bandwidth, low-latency solutions for things such as: 

  • Large-scale disaster recovery
  • Storage replication
  • Cross-site virtualisation for data centres
  • Connecting data centres
  • Cloud application enablement
  • Core network extension/backhaul
  • UHD multi-media  
  • Real-time TV transmission 

Get ahead of your competition

The high capacity of Optical is just part of our growing range of connectivity solutions. You can also tap into the simplicity of SoGEA or the flexibility of full fibre . We’re also upgrading the network to be 400Gb ready too. It’s a portfolio that’s second to none. One you can use to deliver what your customers need today – and want in the future.

Wholesale optical in action

Connectivity, on an international scale

A customer with a unique requirement: to route international data traffic through the UK to various datacentres – and out to Europe. Due to our diverse routing down the east and west of the UK, we made it happen, and avoided using electricity pylons in Scotland thanks to our underground cables. 


The relationship with the customer continues to grow. Not only because of our effective solution, but our strong technical engagement and account management too. Now, even more links are being quoted for. 

The need to get data inshore

Data transfers can be tricky. More so when they’re going from an underwater location to a core London datacentre.  


Using our design teams’ expertise, we routed a connection no other supplier could. The customer was impressed. Not just with the solution, but the project management and delivery too. Leading to more orders. 

Our Partner Plus programme

Want to supercharge your marketing? You’ll get campaign toolkits for both Broadband One and WHC Express when your join our Partner Plus programme. That’s on top of the support you’ll get from dedicated account managers, marketing specialists, accredited online training, and exclusive Partner events.


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