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Wholesale Optical is designed to let you to respond rapidly to changing bandwidth needs, now and in the future, meeting your growing traffic needs. It provides UK-wide coverage and is scalable from 10Gb to 100Gb. This means you will be able to reach out to more customers across the country.


Communication is changing

The way we keep in touch with one another is evolving. But it's not just you and me. It's businesses. It's customers. It's suppliers. Everyone is communicating with one another so it's obvious that methods will change. We’ve seen a massive surge in applications, operations and communications tools, using numerous multimedia technology. This continued growth means explosive growth in network traffic.  In turn, communications providers need networks that can grow and provide extensive coverage. They need Wholesale Optical.

Wholesale Optical - The lowdown

Wholesale Optical is

a high-capacity optical product that's built into our resilient 21CN next-generation infrastructure.

We offer

10GE, nx10GE, 40GE and 100GE point-to-point connectivity.

Our service

can be delivered to BT exchanges, your premises or third party locations including data centres across the UK.

You can use it as

a primary core network, to expand your existing core and or add resilience to your existing fibre core network.

Benefits for you & your customers

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Expand your network infrastructure

Meet growing traffic requirements, reach out to more customers, gain new customers and maximise revenue. Order the bandwidth you require, knowing that our optical infrastructure has the capacity to support your future growth.

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High performance & resilient  


Enjoy secure, uncontended bandwidth with zero jitter and packet loss nationally across the UK. With three levels of service available backed up by service credits. With three levels of service available backed up by service credits.

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Peace of mind  


Our solution comes with a BT backed communications platform, delivering up to 99.99% availability, backed up by SLG’s.

The future is Optical

In April this year (2018), BT will be rolling out three new capabilities that will provide us and you the confidence to match your needs.

We’ll be releasing the following capabilities:

  • two new access options: EAD and EBD
  • new client interfaces: Fibre Channel (1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 10Gb)
  • new resilience option: RO1/OPS across the core network.
  • Product handbook

    The introduction of these capabilities will allow you to become more competitive within your market industry. For more information about these exciting new developments, please take a closer in our Product Handbook.

    pdf - 2.80 MB

Red dots are Optical Points of Presence (PoPs) in BT exchanges. 106 of them, known as the 21CN Core/Metro Nodes.

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