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About Wholesale Broadband Connect

Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) is a suite of high speed, high performance broadband services ranging from up to 24Mbit/s ADSL2+ services all the way to 330Mbit/s Fibre-to-the Premises with plenty of other options to choose from inbetween.

What you'll get

Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) delivers high speed broadband connectivity across the UK to 20 regional points of interconnect.

It uses BTs 21C Network to ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance and is the single most popular fixed line broadband solution in the UK.

Wholesale Broadband Connect Coverage

Map shows BT Wholesale Broadband Connect coverage across the UK (May 2017).

WBC coverage map showing % of country covered by WBC


Benefits for you

  • Flexible pricing – WBC is competitively priced, with a range of optional extras allowing you to tailor the service to individual users.
  • Superior reach – Access the highest quality and largest fibre broadband network in the UK.
  • Future proof – with a range of traffic prioritisation options available WBC has all the features you need to support todays applications and tomorrows.

Find out how we can help your customers in our WBC data sheet.

Our Fibre-to-the-cabinet service offers speeds up to 80Mbit/s to over 86% of premises in the UK

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