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IP Exchange

IP Exchange makes switching calls between next-generation and
legacy services easy for you - and invisible to your customers.
Amazingly useful. Remarkably affordable. It's our major investment
for the future of your business.

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    Take a look at our interactive document on ‘making it easier to do business with us’ and you’ll find all the information, help and links to documents that will make it simple next time you use our site.

  • Effortless interconnectivity

    Build a bigger future for your business. With full market coverage and a full range of numbering services, we can take away the time and effort of setting up porting with different carriers.

  • Rely on the market leader

    We already provide the widest range of world-class voice services in the UK. IP Exchange handles 1.2 billion minutes of voice traffic every month.

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    Learn more about IP Exchange.

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Powerful interoperability

A world-class solution that links VoIP services with fixed line, international and mobile networks.

Great opportunities

IP Exchange creates new opportunities to grow your business and your margins.

Affordable and effective

No major set-up costs or expensive media gateways, better value than TDM and totally seamless.

Make the most of IP voice

Our investment to cut your costs

IP Exchange provides you with simple, seamless interconnectivity across networks – connecting you with an exciting world of emerging technologies and new opportunities. With our world-class infrastructure, you can route national, international, non-geographic, mobile and freephone calls in and out of your networks, effortlessly.  IP Exchange empowers you to take full advantage of VoIP and integrate it with traditional voice services, all without major capital investment.

Benefits for you

Low risk – As a market leader supplying over 160 carriers, we’ve invested in the best-in-class next generation technology now and for the future – so you don't have to.

Flexibility – Scale up easily to meet demand as your business grows. You can also sub-allocate BT's numbers for your own use. Plus, our IP Exchange pre-pay option makes budgeting easier.

Efficient – Financial settlement services for call termination are all included, so there's less administration for you.

Expand your business – Cross-sell IP voice and emerging technologies easily and cost-effectively.

Ultimate security and privacy – Our high-security private network lets you manage your customer gateway and access your services easily.

Benefits for your customers

Seamless – Our managed number portability service lets your customers keep their existing numbers when they move onto your network.

Full flexibility – Choose service features to fit your customers' exact needs.

Reliability and quality – IP Exchange is highly resilient with excellent quality of service: your customers won't notice any difference in call quality or service availability.

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